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                Many children anxiously await the last day of school each year.  For them this is the time to go on an excellent adventure with millions of other kids.  Parents also are excited as they get that much needed break.  Both eagerly prepare for their children to go off to summer Camp.  Whether it’s overnight, day camp or a mix of the two both the parents and children jump start their summer.  As times have changed, so have the options for campers.  There is something for everyone no matter their preference.  Check out some of the interesting summer camps that are available today:


  1.  French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts Camp-Catskills of NY-This camp is known for their circus camp.  The camp has a state of the art circus facility which includes every type of circus apparatus in twelve thousand square feet.  The staff is made up of professional circus artists and instructors.  Campers will learn to juggle, master the flying trapeze, fire twirling, stunt bikes, and tumbling just to name a few.  They end their camp session by putting on a Circus extravaganza.  Take your little clown or acrobat to this camp where circus dreams come true.
  2. Camp Lohikan-Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania is best known for their SPY Camp.  The campers are trained in martial arts, code breaking, surveillance, and undercover operations.  They do water training, high and low rope courses, and end all of this excitement by going on an actual spy mission.  This is role playing at its best and every young spy is sure to have the time of their lives.
  3. Sword Summer Camp-Westford, MA-Move over Harry Potter there is a camp that can teach our little muggles how to become Wizards and Warriors.  Welcome to the Wizard and Warrior summer camp.  This summer camp helps a child to create their own character in a storyline that continually changes.  They claim to never revisit the same storyline.  Campers get to choose special skills and defense weapons to enhance their characters talents.  They get to decide what trouble arises and the adventure that awaits them as they fight side by side with other heroes.  So unleash the little hero inside your child and allow them to be swept away in the magic of this wonderful place.
  4. Crow Canyon Summer Camp for Archaeology-This camp is located in Southwestern Colorado.  This camp specializes in studies of the past.  They provide hands on activities, unique field trips and lively discussions.  The best part of this camp is the archeological excavations along with professional archaeologist.  They get to analyze real artifacts, record data in the laboratory and field, and learn how the past is reconstructed through the utilization of a variety of data.  For the little Archaeologist in your life, this school may bring out their very best.
  5. Sew Now Fashion Camp-Located in Lafayette, CA., the camp offers enhancement to your fashion design and sewing talents.  They offer courses like:  beachwear, textile designs, fashion sewing basics, quilting and intro courses specifically related to tote bags, skirts, duffel bags, and board shorts.  If the world of fashion is what intrigues your child then this may be the camp for them.

As the summer season is on its way, now is the time to start looking for the camp experience that will give your child some great memories.    Whether they are looking for join the circus, become a spy or even to realize their fantasy of becoming a wizard or warrior; these summer camps will meet their needs.  Happy camping!