Are you the kind of person that likes to use new gadgets and stay in touch with technology? Do you like tablet PCs? (Of course you do what reason could you have not to like them?) Do you also like small ultra portable netbooks? Until now you probably thought you have to choose between buying a netbook or as tablet PC. Now this is not true anymore. You can have them both at the same time if you buy yourself a netvertible.

Netvertibles, also called netbook tablets, offer you the best from both worlds. You practically get a device that will act as a tablet PC or as a normal mini laptop depending on what you want it to act like. All you have to do is swivel or swivel back your screen and you will have a tablet or netbook in an instant.

netvertibleIf you want the best netvertible around one of the best choices you could make is buying a netbook tablet from Asus. You might find the best netvertible for you among their products. Asus were the inventors of the netbook and are bound to produce quality products at reasonable prices. Two netbook tablets from Asus are the T101MT and the T91. The Eee PC T91 is 9 inch, while the 101MT is 10 inch. The two share most of the technical information, but you will definitely notice at first sight a larger keyboard for the T101MT. We recommend you to buy this one if you intend to use the latest OS, because it definitely beats the T91, which was more of a testing device for Asus. However, if you are into smaller and lighter tablet netbooks with a rigid looking case, then you might like the T91. It is one of the best netvertible devices.

Netvertibles are very suited for students or people who need to access internet very often. The swiveling screen is great when using the netvertible as a multimedia tool, for example if you want to read a book or watch a movie. You should not be afraid that the screen would break off from the device, because even if it provides great flexibility, there is a lot of engineering behind every detail, including the support that holds the screen together with the rest of the device. However if you drop it often and do not take good care of it, you might end up with it broken. That is why it is good to carry around your netbook tablet in a bag specially designed and padded to hold your gadget safe and secure, even if it happens for you to drop it.

But that is another topic to discuss. Simply enjoy your device and get as much as you can from it.