Why is work from home so popular?


These are extremely economically turbulent times that are testing businesses left and right and how they run. The economy has put many companies on a strain and forced them into the corner to where they need to cut costs in all possible manners. In addition, they are laying off people day after day in order to make their businesses profitable which has left many businesses looking to find freelancers to replace hourly and salary employees.

Businesses are now looking to find freelancers for online work and making skilled labor now available to freelance, which forms a perfect meeting ground for both business and the work at home freelancer. Employers are using professionally run websites to hire talent, and more and more people are putting up their skills for freelancing positions. Some of the popular websites that run this interface are oDesk, Guru and Elance.

Working online doing freelancing work also provides for a very convenient job environment since your schedules are a lot more flexible. This is especially suitable for stay at home mothers or fathers who have to be home to take care of their children and homes but still have the time to work online.

Finding online work has become increasingly easier as of late because businesses are now looking to the web and searching to find freelancers. This is partly to do with the popularity and connectivity of the net and partly to do with employers wanting to work with people on a freelance contract basis rather than having them as full time employees.

Businesses can just post their work online on a website, such as Craigslist or Elance, for an appropriate amount, and different people looking for freelance work can bid for it. The employer then chooses an appropriate candidate based on their bid and qualifications and gives them the contract. The freelancer does the work in the stipulated time and gets paid. Progressively, with each project completed, both the employer and the freelance employee build up their online reputation over a period of time, depending on their feedback and reviews based on timeliness and quality.

Certain sites also serve a small market segment and hence are more competitive, so if your freelance skills are in specialized fields, then you should opt for the specialized services more specifically focused on your expertise. The biggest benefit for these down times for job seekers is the increased ability to find employment on the net and for businesses it is the ability to cut costs by being able to out source their work online and take advantage of services and forums designed to help them find freelancers with the skills they are looking for.

With working online on an as needed or per job basis, employees can also explore a broader horizon of different work styles and opportunities. This can also benefit them in the brick and mortar workplace and open more doors by expanding their skill sets and abilities. So whether you are looking to find freelancers or are a freelancer looking for work you've stumbled into a whole new world of opportunity.

Photo Courtesy of: sxc.hu/yurdacan