The skin is the canvas of our bodies and if we do not take care of it, it will let us down. I don't know how many men I have met who look 5-10 years older simply because they have never washed their face, used shaving cream or put facial moisturizer on. These things are not girly. They are 21st century. Women want a man who is not only confident and secure, but who is also self-respecting enough to look good for his woman. Not only that, looking good helps you gain confidence, ace interviews, and attract people to your circle. Improving your appearance when you are a guy is usually really easy. Especially if you are one of those guys who has never thought about doing anything more than throwing on some shampoo...without conditioner.

This series is dedicated to men of all ages, who want to improve their health and appearance. When I first started thinking about my appearance and how it related to others, I was a freshman in high school. Since then, I have developed some very good tips and tricks that are easy to do, cheap and will very much improve your appearance to women and above all, your health. Some of these beauty & healthy living tips may not be for you and that is fine. But many of them are too simple not to do. This first part will focus on skin, however when I think about improving my appearance, I think about doing it from head to toe. I ask myself, "What can I do to improve my hair?". "What can I do to improve my eyes?". "What can I do to improve my teeth?'. And down I go from head to toe. So without further adieu here are steps you can take to improve your skin, the first part of this mens health series.

Step 1 - Drink Water

Drinking water doesn't necessarily hydrate your skin, however it does fill the spaces between your cells providing a healthier and plumper skin surface. If you are to do nothing else to improve your appearance and health, drink water! We have all heard that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day, but how many of us actually do it? Water has been showed to improve acne and bring a glow to the skin. Improving your appearance and attracting women has never been easier. This is only step 1 though.

Step 2 - Eat Fruits/Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are packed with vital nutrients and help fight free radicals in our bodies. I know, I know. These things suck to eat. Instead of buying bananas and apples; buy berries, grape fruits, watermelon (92% water, helps hydrate skin), carrots (beta-carotene fights acne) and orange juice. Making a citrus tonic is very easy and can not only boost energy all day, but can build collagen (a protein that help create beautiful sin) in the skin.

Simple Mens Health Vitamin C Tonic Recipe:

1 1/2 cups V8 or Tomato Juice

1/2 cup Orange Juice

Dash of Pepper

1 tsp of horseradish

1/4 cup honey

Step 3 - Take Supplements

Back in the day, supplements were hard to come by so people just didn't take them. But now, supplements are not only readily available but actually do help. There are many supplements that will help improve the appearance of your skin and attract women. Listed below are several that should be a staple in an man's regimen who would like to have the best skin his skin can be.

- Men's Health Multivitamin (1/2 in morning, 1/2 in afternoon)

Taking half of your vitamin in the morning and half of it later helps your body metabolize more of it.

- Resveratrol (250-1000mg daily)

Made from the skin of grapes, resveratrol is said to increase life span if taken daily as well as improve the wholeness of the body.

- Biotin (5mg daily)

Essential. Aid in growing healthy skin, hair and nails and only costs around $8.

- Omega 3 Fatty Acid from fish(x2 3 ounces per week)

Fish, especially salmon provides omega-3 and zinc creating a smoother complexion.

- Green Tea (1 in morning)

Green Tea aids in fighting free radicals as well as growing hair.

- Decaf Tea (1 at night)

- Collagen Supplement

- Whey Protein (Morning, Post-Workout)

Goes without saying. Whey is stocked with BCAA's, the building blocks of muscles and improve on a healthy lifestyle.

Okay, so on to step 4. You've still got some stuff to learn before you can attract women.

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How important is it to moisturize regularly?

Step 4 - Start a Skin Regimen

Most guys don't even know where to start when it comes to starting a men's health skin regimen. The good thing for guys is even though this industry is growing, there is still only a handful of trustworthy male grooming brands, making it easier for men to improve their appearance without wondering what to use and how to use it. If nothing else, every morning regimen should contain the following, lets call this the BASIC REGIMEN TO IMPROVE APPEARANCE AND ATTRACT WOMEN:

- Facial Wash with luke warm water (Jack Black, Clinique, Baxter of California, or LAB Series all have great washes that don't harm your skin and make it red)

- Quality pre-shave lather and shaving cream, letting it sit on the face for one minute before shaving (Jack Black, LAB Series, or The Art of Shaving all have amazing shaving creams. You will never go back to your canned foam again. I promise.)

- Post-shave balm (Nivea sensitive skin, LAB Series, The Art of Shaving all have balms to apply after splashing some cool water on your face. Balms balance the PH level on your face, bringing balance, thus improving your appearance)

- Vitamin C moisturizer w/ SPF 20-50

- Scentless body moisturizer for after shower

These are only the basics however the skin and especially the face of a man is introduced to many elements during the course of a day and without the proper protection, over time the elements take a toll on the skin making people look older.

After a basic morning routine has been established, adding a few extra touches can improve your appearance even more. Try adding:

- Facial Scrub (2-3 times per week before you wash your face in the morning. A facial scrub help loosen and remove dead skin.)

- Under eye complex (There are a few great brands out there specifically for men but my favorite is LAB Series for Men Max LS Instant Eye Lift. Putting just a bit, making sure to use your pinky to gently pat the serum under your eye every morning, will not only protect your eyes from getting those dreaded under eye bags but actually improve what has already been created. Try storing it in your refrigerator for a cooling and anti-puffiness addition.)

- Use a wrinkle cream before putting on your moisturizer (LAB Series for Men MAX LS Age-less Face Cream is amazing stuff. It not only hydrates your skin but keeps skin cells in a healthy state, reducing the aging process.)

- Scrub Your lips with a new tooth-brush and Vaseline (once per week, scrubbing all the dead skin away with a tooth-brush help smooth out your lips and make them look more attractive. You should do this for about two minutes, until they are slightly tingly. Put a quality lip balm on them after like Jack Black balm with SPF.)

- Retinol Cream (A secret of the models, putting a very thing layer of reitnol cream on your face before you go to bed will drastically reduce your wrinkles over time. Make sure that it is not irritating your skin however, as retinol cream can prove to be very powerful stuff.)

- Cover up (Yeah, yeah. It's technically makeup. But having a cover up stick can make the difference between having a big pimple or not being able to see it. You don't have to buy one, but you've been warned)

Improving your appearance to attract women could never be easier. But that is just step 4. We have a bit to go.

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Remove those Eye Bags

Step 5 - At-Home Spa Treatments

There are very simple and proven mens health treatments that can help improve your appearance to women with very simple household items. Having a spa day one or two times every month can help supplement your skin regimen and exfoliate your skin giving life to newer, healthier skin cells.

- Try drinking tea then putting the tea bags in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. After, place them on your eyes for 10 minutes to refresh them and give your under eyes and lids with an anti-wrinkle secret.

- Facial Masks - These can be made of lots of household products, including one that calls for oatmeal, honey and olive oil. Doing a Google search will show plenty of recipes to try. Maybe it's best to tell your girlfriend before you come downstairs with a mud mask on though. Actually, you shouldn't be trying to attract women if you have a girlfriend so that's all on you.

Okay, on to step 6.

Step 6 - Seek Botox & Fillers

I know what you are thinking. Yeah right. That stuff is for women who carry Chanel purses and live in the suburbs. But truthfully, lots of actors and male models use at least one of the two. And women don't even know they have them.

- Botox - There is no better way to reduce those forehead wrinkles or crows feet than by getting Botox. Make sure your injector is very experienced in the field and is a physician. As long as these two are so, you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a "botched Botox" job. Bad Botox is the result of an injector using too much in certain areas and sometimes not enough in others. They are typically minimally trained and hardly ever doctors. Many women get their Botox done at med spas. I do not suggest this. Find a physician who does the stuff everyday and you will be fine. Botox lasts about 3-5 months and will easily take 5 years off of your appearance. The best thing about Botox is that it can act as a great supplement to your already existing skin regimen. A typical Botox syringe costs around $400-500. That is all you need. Do not get two.

- Dermal fillers - When it comes to men trying to improve their appearance, I feel that dermal fillers are not only the most effective, but they are also the most overlooked. Restylane and Juvederm last anywhere from 6 months to a year for the same price as a Botox syringe. Dermal fillers do not paralyze the muscle like Botox, they fill in parts of your face that have lost plumpness from aging. The cheeks and chin are great places for dermal filler injections. Again, use a physician not a med spa and you will be fine.

Step 7 - Photo Facials

Photo facials are around $100 and they make your appearance more youthful and fresh in a matter of minutes. Going to a cosmetic spa or dermatologist is your best bet. In larger cities there are spas designed men where you can choose many treatments that can be scheduled right before a big interview or date, making sure you bring your A game.

A while back, I was like many other men in the fact that I didn't know if improving my appearance to this extent meant I was more of a metro sexual than the typical guy. I was an NCAA-DI sprinter and found out that the more care I put into my regimen the more girls smiled at me. Easy enough.

Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment on this article and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Below you will find the rest of the series:

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