colin farrell

You hear women all the time saying that looks don't matter when it comes to being attracted to a guy. Well only the ignorant and guys who are NOT attractive believe that. If you are a man and is attractive, you know that you have to do little to no work to catch the attention of females and have them wanting you. Well some might say, "I see attractive men get no women, and horrible looking men bag the hottest looking females out there." That is very true. When I mention looks, that is INITIAL attraction. SUSTAINABLE attraction is another story. Women LOVE good looks like men, it is just that our DEAL-BREAKERS are different. A man can put up with an extremely hot, but boring female. Usually men can entertain themselves, and don't look to women to excite them. On the other hand, a woman CANNOT put up with an extremely hot, but boring male. Women need excitement from sources other than themselves, and if a guy can't provide it for her, then he's gone, no matter how good he looks. Women can put up with a very ugly feature on a man, but a man CANNOT put with an embarrassing feature, for example a visible mustache, on a woman. For 99 percent of men, a woman can be a physical goddess from head to toe, but if she has a mustache that anyone can spot, SHE'S OUT. So good looking guys that never get women do things wrong AFTER the initial attraction. So let us talk about things you need to do to improve your looks. First you have to improve your wadrobe, and not only improve it, but make it unique.Some men say that caring about fashion is what women do. Well, those are probably the men who get no women, but other men no better. Dressing like a sissy is one thing, but being fashion savvy is another. Most men in public dress boringly, wearing the same, boring, bland outfits for years. Yet if you walk in with a unique look, you've already weeded out most of the competition. Next is your physical body. Some people are born fatter and skinnier than others and cannot help it, but most can help it. If you don't like being thin, hit the gym. If you don't like being fat, hit the gym. As for face, do what it takes to improve it. Get a unique haircut. Get rid of those pimples. Whiten those teeth. Little things make the biggest. So the next time a female tells you looks don't matter, you'll no better than the millions of clueless men in the world.