Loopz is a game intended for children of age 7 and higher. It will be one of the most hotly anticipated games this upcoming holiday season. Loopz contains an upright stand with 4 half circle slots. There are unique colored lights on each slot, along with motion sensors. These lights and sensors allow you play the various challenges the game offers.

There have already been reviews of Loopz in some gaming publications that are calling Loopz one of the must have toys of this holiday season. In addition to being fun, Loopz will improve the reflex action and memory skills of the players. Up to four people at a time can play, and there are seven unique modes that can be played. The modes include Repeat the Beat, Versus, Free style DJ, Rhythm and Flow, Music Studio, and Reflex Master.

Here's a brief introduction to each Loopz play mode:

Music Studio

Music Studio is a miniature music studio, as the name would indicate. When playing Music Studio, you choose an instrument. Each instrument has up to 10 different sounds. You compose your own music when you pass your hands through the half circles, which are called Loopz.

Reflex Master

Here is where you can test your reflexes! Up to four people can play at a time, and the object of the game is to tag as many lights as you can. You only have half a minute to do this. Reflex Master is an excellent way to improve your reflex schools.

Repeat the Beat

If you've ever played Simon Says, then you will be right at home playing Repeat the Beat. The rules of the game are simple; all you have to do is repeat the pattern given by the machine exactly. The speed of the patter increases as you play and the pattern becomes more and more difficult. If you miss the pattern once, you are out.

Rhythm and Flow

This game is similar to Repeat the Beat. What you have to do is keep up with the beat of each sone by waving your hands through the half circles. If you make a mistake, the song stops. When the song stops you have to start over. Only one player can play in this mode at a time.

Free Style DJ

With this game you select the tract by waving your hands though each have circle.


Here you can compose songs by completing patterns. The song is completed after you complete five patterns consecutively. You compete directly with other players in this mode.