Buy loose gemstones cheap and get the most for your jewelry budget. If you have ever priced pre-made jewelry, it can be quite a sticker shock. Whether you want to start your own custom jewelry business or just want to add another great piece of jewelry to your collection, loose stones are much more economical to purchase. Some people become intimidated by the thought of buying loose gemstones, but buying this way gives a person a lot of creative freedom and can save a lot of money.

Use Loose Gemstones Cheap To Create Custom Jewelry Looks

When most of us think about getting a new piece of jewelry, like a gemstone ring, we don’t normally think of buying the stones loose at a discount. These loose bags of gemstones are typically called “parcels”. You can find gemstone parcels for sale on such reputable sites as The Home Shopping Network and other discount vendors on television. They sell beautiful loose stones like pink tourmalines, yellow diamonds, amethyst, rubies, sapphires and emeralds too.

Buy Emeralds As Loose Gemstones Cheap

When you buy a parcel of loose gemstones, you can have them made into any design you wish. Some come in multiple sizes that are perfect for creating heirloom sets of jewelry like a matching earring, necklace and ring set. Nobody else on the planet will have a set quite like yours. It will be completely original. It is possible to purchase over 4 carats of loose Columbian emeralds on eBay for much less than you would pay if you wanted to buy that same quantity from a jewelry store.

Where To Find Loose Gemstones Cheap Like Columbian Emeralds

Where are the best places to find great deals on parcels of loose Columbian emeralds? I have found that most large cities have a section of town that has a large Spanish population. If you happen to have a large community of vendors and business owners from Columbia, the chances are good that you will find loose emeralds for sale at great prices.

Columbian emeralds are some of the most coveted and beautiful of all gemstones. The ring I have now worn for over 25 years was made from a loose emerald in a parcel that my grandmother brought with her to this country from her birthplace in Columbia.  This ring is special because it was custom-made just for me and will always remind me of my precious grandmother and her love of gemstones; especially the emerald from the beautiful country of Columbia.