Loosing weight is possible if one has support from the following:-
General Physician
This one has to first confirm that you are in good state to begin any weight loss plan. Research shows that many individual have collapsed suffering from Anorexia as a result of trying to loose weight!
Support from Family and friends
This is important because once one makes a promise to all the family members and friends about their plan, they will see to it that they achieve it to avoid disappointment.
A personal trainer
This one determines which exercises suite you given a certain time. But house chore are light and very good exercises for the body. It's a personal recommendation anyway.
A councilor
In cases of guidance and building the courage to begin a new life style.

With the assumption that one has done all the above, your intensity,stamina and power to begin the weight loss plan are the key words for success.
Tips on how to loss weight fast

  • Set goals for yourself
Now you must be realistic here. Set goals that you can reach and don't get discouraged on the way!
  • Keep a food diary
Recording what you eat helps one know which foods help them loose and the ones that don't.
  • Take lots of waterwater (18869)
This is because water helps to absorb fat. Eight glasses a day is the recommended amount but don't take the colored frizzy drinks because they contain hidden amounts of calories.
  • Take a picture of yourself and display it
This will remind you to fight tooth and nail so that you loose that extra weight.Whenever you look at it.
  • Avoid making a list of banned foods
This tends to create cravings just take it easy, this is a gradual process they might be still part of you.
  • Avoid eating overly processed foodshot dogchipsTv  (18871)
These include:-Chips,hot dogs, as so on try to eat freshly prepared foods meals,vegetables,nuts the list is long.
  • Cut out the Soda and ice tea drinksSoda
According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey measured where most of our calories come from. It was not from food but 7.1 percent from Soda! It is so easy to make juice at home and prevent all the ailments that come with obesity.
  • Take Organic Green tea and Apple cider vinegar
Organic green tea increases the metabolism rate and Apple cider Vinegar makes you feel fuller during meals and increases your metabolism rate too. These two compounds have multiple health benefits that Iam not including today.
There many ways of loosing weight so just watch the space.
Hope it benefits you all.