Lorex home security camera systems are available online for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you're looking for high quality security cameras, or cheap but quality security camera systems, you'll find what you need shopping for Lorex products. Wireless security cameras are popular for home owners to use, since they're do it yourself home security camera systems. If you're not very high-tech, it's not very hard to understand how to operate and install wireless Lorex security cameras. The very best home security camera systems help to ensure the safety of your home. Maybe you want to keep an eye on your kids with a nanny camera, or you're having trouble with vandalism, or you're worried about burglars in your neighbor. Outdoor security camera systems can keep an eye on your car, lawn, and help to protect your home. Indoor cameras can protect your home and keep an eye on activity inside your home when you're not away. You can even find mini Lorex security cameras for your home. Mini security cameras that can be hidden so no one would be able to identify. Down below are some different indoor and outdoor security camera systems for your home.

High Quality Indoor Lorex Security Cameras

Lorex 8 CH DVR with 4 Digital Wireless Cameras

The Lorex 8 CH DVR with 4 Digital Wireless Cameras is one of Lorex's finest product, and also one of the most expensive cameras. E-mails are notified whenever motion is detected. These are motion detector Lorex security cameras that are compatible with iPhones, windows mobile 6.0, and a backberry phone. The four digital wireless camera features four receivers. A remote mouse, IR controller, ethernet cable, four adapters, four BNC extension cables, and a DVI-to-VGA converter is included during your purchase. One of the perks of these wireless security camera systems is that you don't have to view the security camera footage from home. They're great Lorex security cameras for your home to view while you're away, especially if you have kids and you want to keep an eye on them when you're not home. It's extremely expensive and costs over a thousand dollars. You can purchase these Lorex security cameras online at best buy, fadfusion, powermax.co, and B&H Photo Video-Audio.

Outdoor Lorex Security Cameras

The 35 IR LEDs found in Lorex Indoor/Outdoor 540 TVL Hi Res Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras provide a crystal clear picture. During the day it records in color, then switches to black and white during the night time. It can record up to 86 feet. It's a weatherproof camera that can also be used for indoor use. Features come with a BNC/Power Extension cable and a 12 volt power adaptor. It's one of the cheaper outdoor Lorex security cameras for your home. Prices keep you around a hundred dollars online at stores likes ANTonline, fadfusion, the twister group, and eCOST.com.

Lorex Ultra Digital Wireless Outdoor Accessory CameraThe Lorex Ultra Digital Wireless Outdoor Accessory Camera Lw2200 is more expensive, but can record 46 feet of high resolution in night vision. It has a recording range of 450 feet. It features built-in audio, with 4 expandable cameras, quad camera displace, and an auto camera switching. It can be used as an indoor or an outdoor security camera system. It can connect to a TV, or a DVD recorder. It's a resolution camera of 640 x 480. It costs a bit above a hundred dollars online. It's one of the better wireless outdoor Lorex security cameras for your home. You purchase this wireless outdoor security camera online at sears and B&H Photo-Video-Audio.

Dome Lorex Security Cameras

Lorex Hi-Res Day/Night Dome Camera

Dome home security cameras are popular home security camera systems to use for indoor and outdoor use. Dome cameras are harder to see and can be placed just about anywhere. The Lorex Hi-Res Day/Night Dome camera is vandal proof and weather resistant. It features 36 IR LEDs for effective night vision which automatically switches to black and white during night time. It has night vision range of up to 82 feet. Dome indoor or outdoor home security camera systems can be mounted onto a wall, or ceiling. A 60 foot extension cable is included. Features include a one fourth inch color image sensor and a clear video with 480 TVL. You can purchase these dome Lorerx security cameras for your home, office, or business online at discount home automation and newegg.com.

Mini Lorex Security Cameras

Lorex Mini Color Camera with Night Vision

Mini security cameras can be used as nanny cameras, along as surveillance security camera systems. They're small and easy to hide. The Lorex Mini Color Camera with Night Vision is an outdoor and an indoor camera. It's pretty cheap and only costs about fifty dollars online at walmart. The IR LEDs can provide visibility through pitch dark conditions. You can monitor the camera from a TV or VCR. These are easy Lorex security camera systems to install by mounting onto a wall, or ceiling. A sunshield is included to protected against UV rays. It's a mini color camera by day, then a black and white security camera at night.