Incidences of dog attacks in California have prompted officials to implement strict laws and guidelines with respect to dog ownership. However, despite this, certain counties in the State still give dog owners a chance to have quality time with their pets.

In Los Angeles County, pursuant to a newly-implemented rule, dog owners are now allowed to bring their pets on restaurant patios. Previous rules in the county banned canines from outdoor restaurant patios.

Under the new rule, dogs must enter the patio through an outdoor entrance, and are not to be brought inside the restaurant. Pet dogs are also not allowed to sit on chairs or tables. Additionally, the new county law is not mandatory, giving restaurants the discretion whether or not to allow dogs on their patios.

The said rule is not considered a threat to the safety of the public with respect to dog attacks. There are implemented laws in the State of California that provide assurance public’s safety.

Some of the dog bite-related laws in California include:

1. Strict Liability Rule

California implements strict liability rule when it comes to dog bite. In accordance with the concept of strict liability, a dog owner may be held liable for the attack of his or her dog if:

•    The victim was injured because of the dog attack
•    The defendant is responsible for the ownership of the dog
•    The incident occurred in a public or privately owned area
•    The accident resulted in injuries and/or inconvenience to the victim

2. Leash Law

Under California’s Leash Law, dog owners are required to restrain their pets when in public places. If a dog attack is aggravated by the failure of the owner to leash his or her dog, he or she may be held liable for the incident.

3. Personal Injury Law

Pursuant to California's personal injury law, dog owners are implored to take all necessary measures to prevent their pets from attacking or injuring people. A person who gets injured due to a dog attack may file a personal injury lawsuit against the owner of the attacker. If the dog owner is proven to have failed in preventing the incident from occurring, he or she may be required to provide compensations to the victim.

Dog bite accident victims in Los Angeles should consult with an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney when filing a lawsuit. By doing this, victims would become certain that they would receive rightful amount of compensations from the liable party involved.