If you live in Los Angeles and need to store some items, then you need to look into Los Angeles self storage options. There are thousands of self storage units for rent in the Los Angeles area to choose from, and if you plan to go use one of these companies, then there are a few things about self storage that you should understand before you choose self storage Los Angeles companies to do business with.

Self Storage Can Be Expensive

First, you should know that self storage, especially self storage Los Angeles, can be very expensive to maintain for a long period of time. Units can range for anything between less than $50 a month to hundreds of dollars every month, depending on if they are regular units or those that are climate controlled.

If you are going to look at self storage units for rent in California, you need to consider those that are climate controlled because it gets very hot there, which means your unit will be even hotter since it is probably inside of a metal building. Some units may also be outside, while climate controlled ones are more likely to be located inside the self storage facility.

Sometimes you can get a special deal for the first month for free, but after that it is quite possible that the rent will be high. You also need to be aware that if you don’t pay for your self storage bill, the companies can sell off your items. Each place has its own procedures for this that varies with the amount of time you can be behind in your bills.

Most places in California are required to give renters 15 days’ notice before selling their property placed in Los Angeles self storage units, but you need to keep close watch on your bill due dates to be certain your items will stay safe and secure. Bills must be paid on time if you don’t want this to happen to you.

That is another reason why you need to closely evaluate the type of things you put into self storage units for rent so that you aren’t paying lots of money every month for storing junk. If you are only doing it for a month or so it may be worth it while you are moving to Los Angeles, but otherwise you should seriously pare down what you plan to store in self storage Los Angeles units so that you can rent the smallest possible unit and save money on your rental charges.

Choose a Reputable Storage Unit Company

If you want to be certain that the self storage Los Angeles units you choose are safe and secure, you can check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints against the company. This is a good tip to do before you sign a contract with a Los Angeles self storage company.  It is also a good idea to get cost estimates from two or three companies before you sign a contract too so that you will know that you are getting the best rates. Rates may differ for many reasons from location to size and more.

You can also ask for references of some of the company’s customers so that you can talk to them and get a better idea of the products and services of the Los Angeles self storage company you are considering renting from. This will give you a much more honest assessment than just asking the company about it.

Get Insurance for Self Storage Units

Another tip is to always buy insurance to cover the things that you put into self storage units for rent in California. This will insure that you items are covered in case of flood, theft, fires or other kinds of damages. The Los Angeles self storage company may or may not have its own insurance, but it is still better to get your own.

You also need to buy your own strong padlock to use on your storage unit. Make sure that only you get a key, as the storage company doesn’t need it and sometimes there could be unscrupulous workers and it is best to keep the key yourself and make sure it is one that is not easily broken or cut.

Check Hours of Operation

When you are getting ready to rent a Los Angeles self storage unit, be sure to ask the company what their hours of operation are and if you can get access to your unit at all hours of the day or night, 365 days a year. Not all places will be able to give you 24 hour access and this could be a vital point in choosing which self storage Los Angeles company to choose for your storage needs.

Choosing Type of Storage Unit

After you choose which Los Angeles self storage company to rent from, you need to pick the size and type of unit that you need. You do this by figuring out how much stuff you need to store and what kind of unit that it will fit into. Be sure to consider drawing a diagram of the items you plan to store and then you can figure out exactly how to position each and every container to get the most benefits out of your unit’s space.

You must think about all of the possible features and if you will be storing anything valuable or that can be damaged easily. For instance, back to climate controlled units, if you have items like documents or books or electronics, then a climate controlled unit is your best bet. These will protect them from things like excessive heat or cold or humidly and will cost extra for self storage units for rent with this capacity.

All in all, renting from Los Angeles self storage companies can be a good way to get a temporary storage location while you figure out what to do with excess items.