10 Pounds

You can lose weight with a normal diet and exercising plan, But it will take a lot of time performing intensive cardio exercises and following a very strict eating plan. In this article I will reveal the exact steps that were used to lose 10 pounds in just a week.

I Urgently wanted to lose weight for a friend's wedding. With a loss of 11 pounds on the first week, and 10 pounds in week 2. Wow you might say...This is rather a short time span for losing that much weight. I know it wasn't very healthy, even so, this speedy weight loss success gave me a big kick-start for my weight loss journey to begin, and it motivated me to keep on losing weight, with more natural and healthy methods later. These are the steps used to lose 10 pounds in 7 days.

Please remember that extremely fast weight loss is not healthy...But I was desperate!

Here's the steps taken, to lose 10 pounds in a week...

>>> To get things started I had a day of detox... to cleanse my body and thin down even faster. I readied a mixture of lemon juice, ginger and honey blended with water, and drank this mixture throughout the day. Whenever I felt like eating, I just drank some of it. I was feeling good, as I usually do, not having any cramps, lots of energy. I didn't find it hard at all, and it sure it supercharged my weight loss results. I know some people do a whole week of detox, instead of only the first day. I used the  Master Cleanse 10-Day Organic Kit.

>>> I restricted my food intake... for I really wanted to lose weight fast. I ate tons of veggies, very lean meat, fish, eggs, and fruits (apples and oranges). My new style of eating was this: half of the plate was veggies (not a lot of potatoes), ¼ plate of white meat (skinless chicken) or fish, and the remainder was fruit (avoided bananas since they're too sweet and starchy). I recognize that eating less isn't the best option for ongoing weight loss. But it certainly was an option for fast weight loss, and that was my goal. A better way to eat less food is to use a smaller plate. However, eating less was real hard, I admit. But I hung in there and reached my goal.

>>> I added a couple of apples and a can of black beans to my daily intake... I used the beans as my main course, and sometimes split them into 2 smaller meals and put veggies on the side. This is a real trick that no one tells you. And it does wonders, since 35 grams of fiber daily really supercharges weight loss. The fiber also works well to clean the digestive tract and improve digestion.

>>> I allotted my usual calorie intake for the day... I began to eat 5 smaller meals daily. That way I was never hungry. I also added 10 cups of water a day to my diet. Instead of drinking juices I ate fresh fruit and if I was thirsty I drank water or sometimes unsweetened green tea.

>>>I restricted fat, sugary and not so healthy food...no fast food that week and if I had to eat something unhealthy, I ate in the first part of the day. Since your metabolism is much higher in the morning as it is in the evening, and this allowed me eat a donut or a treat once every few days.

>>> I did things to keep busy all the time... I know that while you`re busy doing something, you have no time to go to the kitchen. I would prepare a small snack of carrots and apples if I needed a quick snack.

This plan isn't for everyone...but I did lose 10 pounds in a week.