A 1600 Calorie Diet Helped Ms South Carolina Lose 110 lbs!

Bree Boyce, Miss South Carolina, used a good weight loss program to lose 110 pounds before she proceeded to win Miss  South Carolina beauty pageant.  What was this program you ask? Well, Bree stuck to 1600 calories per day, reduced salt intake, eliminated processed foods from her weight loss program and walked regularly.

According to ABC News, she initially went on an Atkins type diet when she was 17 years old. She lost 64 pounds at this point but gained it all back.  She decided to stop dieting and went to see a nutritionist to help her design the best weight loss program for her. 

Bree says, she started looking at food as fuel instead of comfort and that makes all the difference in the world to her.  ABC News also states that she also got up every morning at 5:30am for a work out.


Bree Boyce After Weight LossCredit: http://www.facebook.com/breeboyce

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So What's This Weight Loss Program In a Nutshell?

  • 1600 calorie diet
  • Eliminate processed food and reduce salt
  • Walk for as long as you can increasing each time
  • Don't look at food as comfort but rather as fuel

So basically, if you are not going to see a nutritionist like Bree did in order to customize your meal plan, you have to do it yourself.  First, you should speak with your doctor if you are planning on restricting your calories to lose weight.  You may not be able to do 1600 calories daily if you have certain health problems.

Also, 500 to 1000 calories is the recommended safe amount to reduce your daily calories for weight loss.  If you reduce your calories by 500 daily, that will be 3500 weekly or 1 pound per week weight loss.  Also 1000 calories daily reduces will be 7000 calories weekly reduced or 2 lbs per week.  You have to make this reduction properly so you do not cause health problems or make existing health problems worse.  Never go on a blanket calorie reduction diet, each body is different and your starting amount might be different than someone else's.

The University of Massachusetts have a great example of what a 1600 calorie diet should look like. Please see the sample below in the reference section.  If that diet is not appealing to you, remember, all you are doing is counting calories so you can eat food that appeals more to you just make sure it's healthy and fills you up. Figure out what your current daily calorie intake is supposed to be for your current weight and then subtract either 500 or 1000 calories daily.  You lose weight slower, but safer.

Foods like fruit, vegetables, yogurt and keifer, eggs, lean meats and fish should be eating liberally.  Use the food labels on everything you buy to count your calories and make sure you do not exceed 1600 calories daily.


Breakfast        400 calories

Lunch               500 calories

Dinner              500 calories

3 Snacks           200 calories


The Special K Weight Loss Meal Planner can also help you with this.

Delicious and filling smoothies make great snacks and they also make great and nutritious breakfast drinks. Soups like Dr. Oz's Turbo Diet Soup make a great substitute for lunch or dinner. You can go to a nutritionist to design the best weight loss program for you or design your best weight loss program for yourself.  It's up to you how you do it.  Bree Boyce did it and kept on it until she lost 110 pounds and went on to win a beauty contest. You can do it too!

Although the calories you eat are usually printed right on the food packaging, there are some times when they are not.  In the case of foods without packaging such as fresh fruit and veggetables, you need to have a handy calorie counter so you can know how many calories you are putting into your body. Don't guess at it, calculate it.

Calorie Counter(76882)Credit: Amazon.com

You can get "Calorie Counter: The 4th Edition" from Amazon.


Here is a cookbook that gives you ideas on great meals that are 400 calories that are low in calorie but does not skimp on the flavor. You can plan your meals a week ahead of time so you know what to shop for and you know what you will be eating. Don't forget to keep a food journal of everything you eat, it is one of the best ways to make sure the weight keeps falling off.

You can get "The 400 Calorie Fix Cookbook: 400 All-New Simply Satisfying Meals," from Amazon.

The 400 Calorie Fix Cookbook: 400 All-New Simply Satisfying MealsCredit: Amazon.com

The "Flat Belly Diet: From The Editors of Prevention Magazine," also available from Amazon, is based on the eating 1600 calorie meals.  There is a whole flat belly line of books including the Flat Belly Cookbook and Flat Belly Diet For Men.

The Flat Belly DietCredit: Amazon.com

Here are some of the best weight loss programs that may help you design your own weight loss plan.

There are also natural weight loss pills made from green tea and garlic or even African mango that can help you along with your weight loss goals

Always check with your doctor before starting any weight loss regimen, takingnatural weight loss or diet pills or doing strenuous exercise. 


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