Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

Lose Belly FatThere is certainly no doubt that the problem with obesity continues to climb while people struggle with choosing healthy and nutritional options. One of the problems that seems to be contributing to this ongoing aesthetic and health problem is the fact that many people no longer even know what an actual portion size should look like.

Lose Belly Fat Fast

Studies show that the best way to lose belly fat is to not only adhere to a belly fat diet, but to slow down and enjoy the food. This may seem simplistic at first, but it is surprising how few people actually take the time to enjoy a meal. Mealtimes are typically a hurried event stuck in the midst of many other tasks on a busy list of activities that need to be completed.

We have been bombarded for so long with the all-you-can-eat or super-sized philosophy that eating has become a competition. Add to that the fact that the majority of people never get a chance to eat real food. With our hectic pace of life, it is more common to find us at the drive-thru window than having a peaceful dinner with family. These habits and foods are contributing to the increase in belly fat and obesity.

How to Lose Belly Fat

Anyone looking for tips on how to lose belly fat will need to consider more than just the food that is consumed. A lot of times other unhealthy habits can contribute to an increase in how much we eat and how that food impacts our weight. For example, we have become a society of multi-taskers, but research has shown that when we eat while engaged in another activity, we often eat much more, which of course leads to excess calories and the accumulation of fat deposits.

Along the same lines is the snacker who sits in front of the television or computer screen mindlessly munching on chips and soda. These foods can quickly create an increase in weight and the food is being consumed without any real enjoyment and oftentimes, without even realizing what's being eaten.

Research has shown that it takes the brain approximately 20 minutes to register when we have had enough to eat. This means that when we eat in a hurry, like we often do when eating on the run or while multi-tasking, we have already overeaten before our brain even has a chance to send a signal that we're full and should stop eating. All of these extra calories add up and result in weight gain.

If you want to lose belly fat, it is important to not only watch the foods you eat, but to take the time to sit down and enjoy them. Don't eat while on the run, or while watching television. If you are truly hungry, prepare a healthy snack or meal and sit down to enjoy it with all of your senses. Eat slowly, taste the flavors, feel the textures, and make that snack or meal your focus. You will be much less likely to overeat and you will be far more satisfied than if you simply shoveled the food in.