A good bodybuilding diet and nutrition are essential and will determine how successful you are in your bodybuilding program. Training without proper nutrition is like swimming upstream. All your training will get you nowhere.

A good bodybuilding diet needs to follow 3 rules:

-Eat frequently throughout the day and have smaller portions.
-Be consistent with your intake of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Maintain a ratio of 40% carbs, 40% protein, 20 % good fats.
-Your caloric intake should fluctuate so your body does not get used to any specific level.

For a muscle developing diet you must restrict certain food intake and a number of foods with nutrients should be included in your daily diet. Since you are a bodybuilder your aim is to become a lean muscle man/women. It is essential to fuel the right kind of transformation in your body mass. Use the following suggestions for your proper bodybuilding diet.

-Eating Lean Meat- A great way to build muscle strength. Meats such as pork, beef and goat are rich in proteins.

Although poultry food and fish have lots of nutritional values be sure to avoid oily and fatty substances in your diet. One way to accomplish this is to prepare these foods roasted, boiled or grilled, rather than frying them.

-Fiber-rich food - This type of food not only keeps your cholesterol down but is a great alternative for those wanting to shed those extra calories since fiber does not allow the body to retain water..

Popeye always ate fiber (in the form of spinach). There are many varieties of fiber rich food items like oatmeal, wheat germ, spinach, fresh fruits and grains.

-Supplements to enhance your body building regimen are also available in numerous health stores. These are not steroids. They are supplements that help your bodybuilding efforts along with your workout and diet.
-Drink a lot of liquid- During your workout your body is depleted of its natural source of fluids. Water is the most essential source of liquid for a body builder. Drinking plenty of water is essential for maintaining the energy level and maintaining coolness in the body.
-Soybeans-These are foods that are rich in protein and low in fat and will boost your muscle strength and restrict weight gain. There is no amount of cholesterol in them, which makes them an ideal food for bodybuilders.
-Whey protein-This easily digestible proteins are available at any health clinic or stores. It can be associated with soups, shakes and cooked vegetables. It can also be taken as supplements.

Proper nutrition is a crucial element in the muscle building process. To build extra muscle you need to eat within a proper diet and work out with weights on a regular basis.