"I want to lose weight this year"

We all have heard this goal of losing weight. Many people set out to drop their weight in order to slim down and look good. Maybe there is a wedding or an important party coming up in a year. PerhapSkinny girlCredit: http://www.morguefile.coms there is a sense of self-consciousness and looking good will aid in feeling better. Whatever it may be, people have a desire to slim down and look good and set a goal to lose weight. This is not a totally correct goal to set and instead we should be saying "I want to lose fat" and not "I want to lose weight". This article will highlight some misconceptions of weight loss and fat loss and why it's superior for both health and looks to choose the latter instead of the former.

What's the difference?

When people set out to drop weight, they immediately conjure up images of eating fruits and vegetables and eating almost nothing. On top of that people will go to a gym and run on the treadmill for an hour and then go home. This isn't very ideal and I'd like to explain why. When we are setting out to lose fat we try to reduce our calories and exercise in a way that would be conducive to burning fat and preserving muscle mass. When we set out to drop weight we are only aiming to get skinny and see the number on the scale go down. If two people of similar height, weight, and body composition set out on a fitness journey and one goes for fat loss while the other goes for weight loss, the person who goes for fat loss will be much better off and look better. The reason is all about approach and preserving muscle.

Save your muscle!

Unless you want to look like these anorexic actresses that are skin and bone, you don't want to look like a twig when you slim down. It actually looks unattractive and unhealthy and turns people off. When you set out to lose weight, you are just trying to get slim and see the number on your scale go down. But when you go on a caloric deficit and introduce intense cFat LossCredit: http://www.morguefile.comardio your muscles aren't getting proper nutrition and if they aren't worked properly they will start to be eaten away by your body since our body loses both fat and muscle as we lose weight. This is not what we want at all! When you want to look better you want to aim to lose fat. The way this is done is still by going on a calorific defect, but instead of just eating less you have to eat right. Eat a good amount of carbs and fat, and have a high intake in protein to stop muscle breakdown. The other important thing is weight lifting. Yes it is necessary because if your body doesn't break down the muscle and recover it with protein and it's inactive then the body treats that muscle as unimportant, therefore it will start to eat away at unused muscle. Don't do harm to yourself when trying to slim down. Lose fat and not weight!

When you do slim down

After your long fitness journey of trying to slim down and look good, you will be ecstatic to find how great you look if your goal was to lose fat and not do everything you can to see the number on the scale as low as it can be. You will look healthy and fit, instead of skinny and weak. Men and women who are slim and fit are much more attractive and healthy (both physically and mentally) than those who just went for weight loss and look sick and thin. Muscle is not a bad thing, even for women who are afraid that weight lifting will make them bulky! The summer is coming upon us right now and I personally have cut a lot of fat, but my weight hasn't really moved much. I notice that each week I look better, but the scale isn't moving. That's the power of choosing to lose fat instead of weight, you will look so much better in the grand scheme of things.