The key to effective fat loss is to burn more calories than you consume. The great difficulty of performing this task is that food tastes really good. Sometimes you eat more food than you need. Even if you are a bodybuilder or avid exercise enthusiast it is still possible to eat more calories than you need. The key is to find a diet that gets you the right number of calories and that is enjoyable to follow.

Everyone loves dessert. My favorite dessert is M&M's candy because you can suck on them in your mouth for a long time. The problem with M&Ms is that even if you try to suck on them, you eventually end up gobbling a lot of them down because you just want more of that chocolate fix. Enter jawbreakers which are available at The Sweet Factory for example.

Jawbreakers, unlike M&M's, are impossible to cheat on and eat them entirely at once. I have timed how long it takes to eat a jawbreaker and it takes about an hour to eat the small size at the sweet factory! I have looked online to see how many calories a jawbreaker has and it contains anywhere from 25 to 150 calories. Now even if you eat a jawbreaker every single hour that's only about 2400 calories a day!

Supermodels often eat celery because it takes more calories to consume then it does to burn. Running on a treadmill can be a frustrating endeavor because you can work really hard and then the machine tells you that you only burned 2 or 3 calories. Jawbreakers give you a sugar high that makes you move around more which also helps you burn more calories. More movement also increases your insulin sensitivity by using up free floating sugar. Use that sugar high to shadow box and burn some additional calories(just watch out for choking that jawbreaker).

Jawbreakers also test really good! Since you have to work so hard to wear them down you'll relish each and every sugary goodness.

If you want to lose some fat, consider working in jawbreakers into your diet as an appetite surpressant.