If snacks are sabotaging your diet and weight loss goals, then there are ways to deal with it. There are now 100 calorie snack packs you can buy that look pretty tiny, but there is one that works well for me. I call it my 100 calorie secret weapon!

That is the 100 calorie popcorn packs.

For me, I can easily nibble on snacks all day, especially while I am working on the computer or reading or doing whatever. I always seem to mindlessly nibble. With my weight loss goals I had to curb that, or at least count it. The first thing that helped me, was the writing down of what you eat each day.

With having to write down every nibble I was taking, this helped me curb that, but I was having such a hard time around 3 pm. I seemed to do OK, eating well in the morning and at lunch, but around 3 pm, I could easily stray to other foods. It was a long stretch to dinner, and I just had to have something, and a apple did not cut it. So, I saw these packs of 100 calorie popcorn. I threw one in the microwave, and other than it not being quite as salty or buttery, it tasted just the same.

The difference is, that there is volume. It tricks me into thinking I am having a big snack. Also because it is popcorn, I can mindlessly, pick at a kernel at a time while working, and feel like I am getting a filling snack. But also realize that as long as I eat only that bag, I am getting 100 calories.


So, this is my trick to help me stick to my weight loss goals. I have lost a fair bit of weight, but I also knew, that if I didn't find other habits to replace the ones I had, that I could easily fall back into my old ways.

Another bad time for me, was making lunches at night. I would make sandwiches and nibble, and cut cheese up and nibble, so I decided to either brush my teeth, or chew on some sugarless gum, that stopped my nibbling right away.

Sometimes, it is the little things that make the biggest difference when you are trying to lose weight. So, before you decide you are going to go "no carb" or "low fat" or whatever the latest craze diet is, just take a look at some of your other habits. You may ignore the nibbling here and there, or the mindless eating when you open the fridge. Just because it is not served to you on a plate, doesn't mean you should not count it. Sometimes you can end up consuming more calories from nibbling then from actual planned meals.

For me, I found just tweaking my diet worked. Portion sizes got a little smaller, and I curbed the nibbling, but ever since I found the 100 calorie popcorn packs, I have been able to stick to my weight loss plan, and my plan to stay healthy. Popcorn also counts as fiber, so is good for you either way. Just stay away from the regular stuff, which is full of oil and salt. You will find that you quickly get used to the 100 calories popcorn, as it still smells fresh when you microwave it, and it still feels like a treat.

You need to work out what your weaknesses are, and you have to figure out ways to deal with it. Either by replacing it with something more healthy, or total distraction, or change your habits.. this part can be hard, so every little bit helps!