Lose Weight And Get Healthy


To get healthy and lose weight it may take some serious discipline. No need to make it a fast process but here are some tips to help you along the road to begin the process one day at a time.

Changing cooking oils can be a big help. Olive oil is beneficial to the body and has been known to help lower cholesterol.

Whole wheat pasta and products such as breads, can improve your health. These wholesome foods are full of nutrients and they are not stripped like bleached products, like white bread. Try replacing your unhealthy breads and pastas with healthier foods.

Fresh vegetables and fruits can make a world of difference in your health and energy. Fresh vegetables and fruits are full of vitamins and nutrients. Frozen is the second chosen option but canned is last on the list. Canned vegetables or fruits are over processed. Canned vegetables are full of sodium. Try to slowly eliminate most of your canned vegetable and fruits. Replace them with mostly fresh vegetables and fruits. Eating vegetables raw is a good healthy way to fill up on low calorie food.

Cut back on red meat. Eating more poultry is better for you and less fatty. This can benefit your heart as well. It will cut down on calories which will help you lose weight.

Make water your primary source of fluid. Try to drink 5-6 glasses a day. You will be surprised how much it eliminates your hunger and makes you feel fuller. That's probably because you aren't really hungry when you're eating but maybe just thirsty. Drinking water will keep you more satisfied.

Of course, to lose weight, it's always recommended to exercise. This doesn't mean you have to run out and join a gym. You can walk, increasing your pace as your body gets used to the pace. You can ride a bike, or rent exercise videos to give you a variety of things to do. Doing something to get moving is important and being consistent will give you results.

Reducing your stress level, will give you the best chance in success. If you truly want to be successful at weight loss, you should also devote time to limiting your level of stress. This should be done on a regular basis not when it's built to an intolerable level. Plan to reduce your stress on a daily basis. Whether you use yoga, prayer, meditation or a hot bath, do something.

Use herbs to build your body's immune system. Echinacea is a long time stable herb for building your immune system. You can buy this at your local health store in capsule, tablet or liquid form. Make sure you purchase "certified organically grown", as this will give you the purest strain of the herb. Building your immune system is essential to a healthier body and will help you feel better as you continue to lose weight.