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The start of weight loss when time is an issue

Fact: Most of us have the intention of losing weight but we never actually achieve our goals. 

Why?: Because we tend to follow crash diets that are to difficult to follow. When we dive into our cravings we find ourselves binging and un-able to stop. Thus, making crash diets for 80% of the time useless. 


So what can you do to take action?

This article is meant for individuals looking to make easy and effortlessly changes to their lifestyles to shed pounds without much thought. Yes a prestige exercise plan and a flawless diet is required for a 6 pack of abs and a body of a Hollywood Star, but for our purpose, we simply need to shed some extra pounds.


So where do we start?

1. This is an easy step. Take a Multi-vitamin. Why? Because it is giving your body required nutritents to operate more effectively. Think of this anaolgy: A car runs better on Supreme gas over require. It does this because the car is getting higher quality fuel and is able to burn better and much more effectively. So when your body is getting the nutrients it needs, it burns FAT better and helps boost your overall health and metabolism.

2. Drink plenty of water. This goes hand in hand with the above step. Think of it this way: The earth is made of mostly water and requires this water to operate and inhabit all life and homostasis. Our bodies (like this Earth) is made up up mostly water. Hydrate your body with water and it will run effectively, you will feel more energized, and you may notice some weight loss as well (as a result from the effects of water on your metabolism).

3. Make the switch to Brown carbs only. White carbs (such as french fries, white bread, ect.) are terrible for you. They are usually calorie dense, associated with lots of sugar and in effect, messes up your insulin levels causing calories/food you intake to hit the bloodsteam and store as fat. With Brown carbs (over white carbs), your insulin levels wont go out of whack and when combinded with anabolic weight training, the carbs will reach your muscles rather than fat. Overall, White carbs help promote fat gain, where brown carbs promote fat loss.

4. Slowly Up your fiber intake. This goes hand in hand with the above advice. Brown carbs contain fiber. Fiber basically isnt digested by your body, so when food is combinded with fiber, you end up disposing of it rather than storing it as fat. It also helps get rid of extra water weight and prevents bloating. WARNING: dont drastically up your fiber..slowly build up to 30grams a day.

5. Cut the Soda, Sugar, and desserts. Soda contains high amounts of carbs and sugars that your body CANNOT use towards muscle. So where does it go? To fat. People that are used to drinking soda and especially iced tea noticed drastic weight loss when cutting the sugary drinks. Dont drink calories..they are just empty calories and a sure way to gain fat.

6. Protein, protein, PROTEIN: Eat a lot of it. Lean protein that is such as lean chicken and fish. Why? Because protein helps promote muscle repairation, as well as fat loss through the thermogenic effet. Basically, When you eat lean protein, some of the calories you consume are being burned at a fast rate when your body digests it. What does this mean? It means when on a calorie restricted diet (such as 2000calories), you end up consuming less calories when eating lean protein because your body burns it at a FAST RATE. Thus creating a calorie deficeit and this leads to weight loss. Eat only protein an hour of waking up and a ONLY protein before going to bed.

7. Avoid all carbs past 7pm. You dont need the energy from carbs when you sleep, so switch to a lean protein so your metabolism burns fat while you sleep.

8. Avoid toppings. When eating, avoid things like sauce's and toppings. They are empty calories and can help you NOT rack up the calories, thus leading to weight loss.

9. Cut the alcohol and drugs. They tell you this in school for a reason..Its unhealthly, no further explination.

10.Start an exercise routine..start small. Any change is a postive change. So take action.


Above are just a few ways to quickly start your fat loss routine. These are meant for people who currently uphold a unhealthly lifestyle and these changes will cause a reduced calorie diet, thus leading to fat loss. For any questions or advice, drop me a comment below and I will get back to you shortly. 

And let the Pounds start Shedding!


Let the Pounds start shedding!Credit: http://www.farinofitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/weight-loss.jpgCredit: http://www.farinofitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/weight-loss.jpg