For a great lose weight fast workout, you need to workout everyday.

You need to be doing exercise everyday, and the easiest way to do this, is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, as well as extra exercises on your workout program. Variety is the key here. You have to challenge your body and try new things all the time.

What I mean by this is basically you need to do some "multi-tasking" with your exercises to lose weight fast.

If you are already eating a balanced diet, and just need to get off that weight loss plateau you are stuck on, or just want to get things moving along quicker, than try these ideas for a great weight loss plan.

1. If you walk as part of your exercise routine, you are now going to take it up a notch. If you walk along streets with hydro poles, you are now going to start running between hydro poles, and then take it back down to a walking speed, until the next hydro pole, and then run again and so on... This is called interval training and works quite well to zip things up a bit. You will feel your heart start pumping, and your leg muscles. This is good to get that calorie burn going on. Make sure you end this workout by walking to cool down, and do some stretching


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2. If you are already running or walking fast, and are still saying "I can't lose weight" then take a resistance band (basically a very large elastic band you get from a sports store) and while you are walking your are going to do some upper arm exercises by stretching this band. Or if you don't like the idea of walking around with one of these bands, then carry some one or two pound weights in your hands while pumping your arms while you are walking fast. This will get your heart rate up, and start that extra calorie burn. It is surprising how heavy a one or two pound weight can feel after walking a few blocks.

3. Carry a backpack filled with some weights on your back. By carrying some extra weight around, your body will have to work harder. This is great if you are going for a afternoon hike anyways, you can fill you backpack with snacks and bottles of water, which will add weight to your body. Don't over do it, and make sure you carry your backpack well and snug. You don't need it bouncing all over the place while you are hiking, and you don't need it hanging from your shoulders. Make sure it fits well.

4. Stop talking at the gym, and compete with yourself on machines. Push it that much harder than you have been. Your body is a very efficient engine, and will quickly get used to certain exercises. So, if you are in a routine at the gym and have been for about the last 6 - 8 weeks, then it is time to shake it up a bit. Try different machines, don't talk to others while working out. If you are capable of carrying on a conversation, then you are not working out hard enough. Save your chats for around the water cooler when you are done. It can be so easy to fall into a routine at the gym, change your pattern, add extra weights, do some different exercises.

5. For a great way to lose weight, then hire a personal trainer if you can afford one. Ask for one for your birthday or Christmas! Just 6 sessions with a personal trainer will have muscles hurting that you didn't even know you had. They can help you jump start a great workout program for yourself. But you have to try new things every 6 - 8 weeks or so.

Our bodies get used to routines, and with a busy schedules, we tend to thrive on routines, which is great for dinner and appointments, but when it comes to losing weight and getting fit, routine can be an enemy. You will get stuck on a weight loss plateau and you will be saying "I can't lose weight" and then possibly slip out of your exercise program.

On the days in between the gym, get yourself a line dancing DVD and start learning line dancing in your living room. Just do different exercises, that you might like. Try new things. If you can afford the time, join a belly dancing class, or join a running club if you don't run and would like to. These running clubs are great, because they will give you good advice on how NOT to hurt yourself running.

A good program, is one that gets your heart pumping, and your body moving, and you sweating. It is amazing how many people don't like to sweat, but that is your body working. If you don't sweat, you are not burning calories. The only exception to that rule is swimming. Which is something else you could throw in there to get rid of some extra fat.

A lose weight fast workout, is a workout that you do EVERY day, something different to stress each muscle group, and combined with a good diet, you will lose weight, and feel great and energized at the same time.

Also try incorporating more exercise into your work day. If you sit at a desk all day, try little leg raises every 1/2 hour or so. Sit up straight in your chair and then lift your feet off the ground a couple of inches. This will work your belly muscles. Or try getting up out of your chair and then pretend you are about to sit down and hold it there, you will feel that in your butt. There are all kinds of ways to add exercise to your day, and these will add to your lose weight fast workout. Try it and you will no longer be saying "I can't lose weight".

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