What is Green Tea?

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Green tea is the tea derived from the popular Chinese plant specie called Camellia Sinensis. This plant is quite common in China but green tea is popular throughout various Asian cultures including Japan and South Korea. It is also a common beverage in the Middle East.

Green tea is the kind of tea which does not require a serious oxidation process in order to be used as tea. The least amount of oxidation employed in the processing and preparation of green tea is what gives it such a nutrient rich content.

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Green tea isn’t just false claims of medicinal miracles – there is a lot of scientific evidence to support the data and the miraculous effects of this wonderful plant tea. Green tea is amazing for prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases because of the high flavinoid (anti oxidant) content. Green tea also works as an anti inflammatory and helps assuage food poisoning issues.

These anti-oxidants actually keep our systems healthy because they keep the damage causing free radicals at bay. These free radicals are responsible for causing the aging process and also cancers. This is why green tea is also good for its anti-aging properties.

What is the Green Tea Diet?

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The green tea diet isn’t one specific diet plan but it just means that a person is trying to incorporate green tea in their daily diet. Everyone will give you their own idea of what a good diet is but the best diet approved by all medical experts and dieticians is a balanced diet.

A balanced diet is one in which you get all kinds of essential nutrients that your body needs in order to stay active and functioning at your best. A balanced diet means you get all kinds of food groups in your diet every day and every week.

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Scientifically speaking, green tea doesn’t exactly help you lose a lot of weight, but it can give your metabolism a slight boost which makes your body burn calories faster. Along with a balanced low calorie diet and a exercise, green tea can give you fantastic results in no time.

What is a Safe Weight Loss Diet Plan?

A lot of times you will see strange diets on the internet and on television. These are diets and weight loss plans will tell you to go on a low calorie diet that incorporates calories that are way below safe limits. These diets are never a good idea.

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The only way to lose weight safely and effectively is to stay on a diet that is according to your daily guideline amounts which will vary from one person to another according to height, weight, activity levels and even gender.


Adding three to four cups of green tea to your daily diet is sufficient because green tea also has a certain amount of caffeine which can be harmful in higher doses. In addition to that you should always stick to a safe and healthy diet meal plan and take green tea as a weight loss supplement.