Did you know you can lose weight gardening? How just picking some weeds and digging a few edges and puttering can actually help you lose weight?

You don't have to join a fancy gym or buy expensive equipment to lose weight at home. If you have a garden, then you have a outside gym right there.

The trick with any exercise is that you need to do it long enough to burn some calories and trigger weight loss, but many people do the prescribed amount of exercise because they can't wait for it to be over and it really does not help them with weight loss as much as they would like.

You see it at the gyms. Some people will actually be reading magazines while on the treadmill, just how much exercise are you really going to be doing if you are trying to figure out the latest gossip while on the treadmill. I saw one lady actually slow right down when she got to a interesting spot in her magazine!

So, you need to do something you enjoy, and this way it is not really work, it is an enjoyment that is also giving your body a good workout, plus the added benefits of fresh air and some Vitamin D from the sun!

If you love to garden, you should do some stretches before you leap out into digging just to get warmed up, but once you are outside with your gardening tools and your sunhat and your gloves, then you are set. Don't forget to have a water bottle on hand, so that you can keep hydrated.

To lose weight while gardening, you have to get your heart pumping a bit, so really give that fork a good turn, and really get right down and pull those weeds. Give everything you do in the garden a bit of a extra effort. You will burn calories! In between take a break by walking around your gardens to figure out your next project.

Even cutting the lawn is walking, so you can wear a pedometer and find out just how many steps you are taking.

Start with weeding one garden and edging it, and you may feel energized to tackle another one. If you like to garden everyday, but end up with sore muscles, then you can do some heavy muscle work one day and the next day stick to cutting the lawn or lighter work to give your muscles a break, then head back into the harder work the next day. Also, after a day of heavy gardening work, just take a walk and do some gentle stretching to help ease any muscle aches or stiffness you sometimes end up with the next day.

To lose weight gardening, you need to burn more calories then you are bringing in, and the chances are you are going to stick to it and do it for longer and therefore lose weight. But you do have to move. If you want to lose weight gardening you will need to do more than a few pulls of grass, you need to get right in there and work it hard! Look at those weeds as the enemy and attack!

I have a tool that really works my core hard that I love, and use it every year to turn over the soil or just to loosen soil around flowers and shrubs. They call it the "claw" and it works well. It looks like a bendy pronged fork with handles that you put into the soil and then twist, this works really well for your waistline and also helps to burn calories, because you will feel that you are working hard.

Find some gardening tools that will help you not only with your garden but getting you into shape as well. Think of your garden tools the same way as you would the weights at the gym, they are tools to help you get in shape and lose weight.

To lose weight gardening, you need to clear your mind and get into the "zone" or be quite happily gardening and not staring at the clock, or thinking about how much other work you have to do, you should just zone out and be "one" with your garden. If you just can't clear your mind, then at least take your frustrations out by digging and burning off those anxieties!

The best thing about gardening is the results. Even just pulling weeds and pampering your garden or even just one little flower bed, will make you feel like you accomplished something, and that all in itself will make you feel good. So, you are more likely to lose weight gardening, as you will stick to it, enjoy it, and love the results afterwards a great garden and a healthy body.

So, don't think that you have to go to a gym or jog a couple of miles to lose weight, it doesn't have to be a chore to get some exercise, it can be fun and gardening is one way to use all your muscles and burn calories and at the end of it, have a nice garden to look at!

Have you ever noticed, the looks on some peoples faces at the gym? Boredom? Then I am not saying the gym is bad, it will work for your weight loss goals too, but you need variety. So, if you do belong to a gym, you can go one day, the next day do some gardening, the next day go to a dance class at your gym or try some new equipment. Then add some more gardening.

Variety is the key to sticking to any exercise, that is why gardening is a great exercise because there is always something different that needs doing in the yard.

So look outside, if you have a garden that needs work, then you have a great big gym out there, so to lose weight gardening, get out there and attack the enemy weeds and take control of that garden and burn some calories at the same time. Work all those muscles, and breathe in that fresh air, maybe save the gym for those winter months. Right now the garden is calling your name!