Losing weight with herbsCredit: http://mrg.bz/yos4Yo; By cohdra

If you want to lose weight but hesitate using synthetic solutions to jump start your diet, why not go the all natural route. Herbs are very powerful and much more beneficial to use if you are lacking self control.

Drinking Aloe Vera can give your diet a huge advantage. The Aloe Vera will soothe your stomach, as well as, clean out your digestive track. Try 1-3 ounces twice a day in water or tea. You can purchase this by the quart or gallon at your local health store. You don't need to put it in another drink as it doesn't have a bad taste at all.

Using bee pollen as a supplement can help you lose weight as it can be used to suppress your appetite. Bee pollen is 40% protein and it's obvious why it may help to curve your appetite. Bee Pollen excels the burning of calories at the same time it curves your hunger.

Drinking Green Tea or using Green Tea capsules can increase your metabolic rate as well as suppress your appetite. Make sure you're using pure Green Tea which should contain between 50-100 ml. of catechins. Catechins are found in teas which can help you lose weight. Finding the purest form of Green Tea is crucial in whether it will really help you or not. Steer away from bottled products that say Green Tea unless they state how much Green Tea is in them. Most of them have as the first ingredient "Fructose Water".

Cayenne Pepper can be very useful in contributing to weight loss. Taking it on a regular basis will not only increase your metabolism while improving your energy, but will actually benefit the health of your heart. Be careful with this herb though as taking too much can cause burning in the stomach. This is one herb you don't want to overdo.

Taking bitter herbs for the digestive system is always a good idea. This will strengthen your digestive system and improve the way it works. Most people who need to lose weight have very weak digestive systems due to lack of proper nutrition. Some bitter herbs that will encourage weight loss are angelica root, red ginseng root and gentian root. These herbs should be taken before meals. Check with your health food store herbalist for a good combination of a bitter herb capsules or tablets.

  • Some Bee Pollen needs to be refrigerated.
  • Check with your doctor if you have medical problems before taking herbs.

  • Be careful of your dosage.