At the top of your to do list sits the phrase lose weight now, then you have come to the right place. There are man different diet plans and exercise programs out there that you can choose to try to see the weight loss results that you want. They may or may not work. What is the same with all of them is that they are going to have you making some significant changes to your life to get to where you want to be.


Weight loss does not have to be that complex. For most people, making simple changes to their current lifestyle can cause them to lose weight now. Once you have taken a look at this list, you will realize that the those complex ideas are not what you need to be doing. So before you start in on the Lemonade Diet or Master Cleanse and live off maple syrup and cayenne pepper for a week, take a look at this list.


Number One


Change what you drink. There are many empty calories that you consume every day in the drinks that you chose. This could be a small change that has a big impact on your ability to lose weight now. The best thing that you can drink for your body is water. It is pure, natural, calorie free, and a great way to hydrate you. However if you need other alternatives, green tea is a great liquid to include in your diet plan.


Number Two


Sitting down to large meals is something that has been taught to us over the years by our family. This habit is very bad for helping you to get to your weight loss goals. The healthiest way to eat is going to be small meals every three to four hours. Eating so often helps to keep you from getting too hungry before you sit down to a meal. When you are too hungry, you will eat much more then you should when you do finally sit down for a meal.


Number Three


Sit down at a table and eat your meals slowly. In your quest to lose weight now, every little amount of calories that you can shave off your day is going to get you to your goals that much faster. Eating on the go whether it be standing and eating, in the car, or even eating at your desk at work is going to make you consume more calories then you would sitting down to a table for a meal. When you are not completely concentrating on your eating, you will not be able to notice when your body tells you that you are full.


Number Four


Get up and get moving. It does not have to be working out in a gym five days a week to get the weight loss results that you dream about. For most people increasing the amount of walking that you do on a daily basis can be enough to help you to lose weight now. Experts suggest that you shoot for 10,000 steps a day. So grab a pedometer and make it a mini challenge to get in all of your steps in every day.


Number Five


Fatigue can put a stopper in your attempts to lose weight. It is very important for your health to get enough restful sleep each night. You should shoot for 6 to 8 hours of good sleep. If you find yourself not being able to relax and get to sleep at night, you may want to practice unwinding each night. This does not mean sitting in front of the TV or computer for a couple of hours each night. You will need to shut off all electronics, turn down the lights and relax with a cup of herbal tea before you head to bed. Your body needs these little signs that it is now time to sleep.