If you are looking for a free "lose weight program", something you can do yourself, but are overwhelmed, by all the choices out there and what to cut out and what to eat, and how to count calories, then try this simple but effective method.

I found it difficult to totally change my diet and eat foods that simply were tasteless, so before you panic about keeping track of your foods, it is simply to find your most routine days and then make a few simple adjustments.  Check it out:

get back in those skinny jeans

Things You Will Need

All you need is

A small notebook to record what your eat

That's it!

Step 1


Here is what you do:

Write down everything you eat and drink (don't forget that sodas have calories too!) and when you eat them, for a week.

See if you can see a pattern in any of those days.

If so, look for ways to replace some of the food items that you eat all the time, with a different brand that is lower in calories. For example: I always used a certain brand of bread for my sandwich at lunch. It was good brown bread, which I thought was good for me. It is good for me, but just a bit too high in calories. I found another brand (actually right beside it on the shelf) that was 30 calories less per slice. That is 60 calories right there! Plus it tasted the same.

You may think "big deal" right? But you have just shaved off 60 calories by changing out the brand of your bread. (This does not mean tasteless diet food, just a different brand) Make sure and check all the labels. If you want to do your own "lose weight program" then you are going to have to put in the time to check out the labels on your most routine foods, until you get familiar with them. So the first few shopping days, may take a bit longer, but are worth it in the end.

Next, maybe look at switching out the mayo for mustard, or the cheese for pickles, or low fat cheese.. those are huge calorie savers right there, and you really have not had to give up your sandwich. Low fat cheese actually tastes pretty good, depending on the brand and is a huge calorie saver.

Many people think, that for a "lose weight program" to really work, they have to give up their favorite foods, or they picture themselves living off of rice crackers and lettuce leaves and feeling hungry all the time. Not so!

Don't forget to look at what you drink. Sodas have a lot of calories in them. If you drink 2 in one day, switch one out for something else, like flavored water. If you put sugar in your coffee and tea, try cutting back to 1/2 gradually.

Do all of these changes slowly, so that you get used to them, and before you know it, you will have found 500 calories in a day, and that equals one pound of fat to come off of your body in one week, without huge effort. Add some extra walks in there, and your "lose weight program" will be well underway. Losing a pound or so a week, is an easier way to go, since you don't have to make too many changes to your diet. Just keep that food journal, and find ways to cut back. 30 calories here and 30 calories there add up over the day.

Everyone thinks, you have to make big changes to lose weight. If you goal is 10 pounds a week, then this won't work, but if you have a hard time with a how to "lose weight program" then try this gentle easy way to get you used to less calories per day, and you are likely to stick to it, as it becomes habit.

I personally never thought I would like mustard on my sandwich instead of calorie laden mayo, but you know what? I actually prefer it now. It adds taste with little fat and calories. I don't even feel deprived, and that is the trick right there for this to work, and YES you can eat sandwiches!

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