A Dream Technique to Lose Weight

There are hell lot of techniques in the world that one can apply to get rid of stubborn fat from one's body. You can try the stationary bicycle or the tread mill if you love to go to a gym, or even these machines can be bought and brought home. Whenever you get the time you can give your body a nice work-out just from your home gym. Well, you cannot for  sure get chiseled body like the one that the film stars have but at least you get something to show. There are many perks associated with having a home gym. You get a convenient place to burn your body fat plus you get the satisfaction of achieving a well contoured body shape and of course you also get to shed fat in the end, provided you have the patience to do this exercise daily for atleast an hour. 
The home gym method to burn fat is quite effective but there is one drawback of working out in a gym machine like a tread mill or an exercise cycle. In this particular method the  lower body parts like the legs and back are worked more and the upper body gets ignored completely. Thus, lack of exercise of your upper body, including your chest, shoulders, etc. leave a lot of things undone. So, your exercise routine doesn't tone up your entire body and the end result is far from satisfactory. 
In such a scenario what one needs is a something different that can help to give one's body a complete and comprehensive work-out, as well as tone up various muscles of the upper  plus lower body. One amazing exercise technique that can help give your entire body a once in a life time work-out is a blend of interval training and push-ups. Let me elaborate on it so that you may get a feel of how this technique can be tried to get a slim and trim shape.
Let me explain to you in a layman language as to how this combination works. First, in order to warm-up your body start running at a mild pace and for about 800 meters. This will make you ready for the next session. In the second session increase your running pace a little covering at least 400-600 meters. Then in the third session start picking up speed and run as fast as you can covering minimum 400 meters. After that just stop and walk for 400 meters. Then do 2-3 sprints, 100 meters each and then stop and walk for 400 meters.
When your heart beat comes back to normal move on to the last session. In this session do push-ups. Do 5 sets having 20 repetitions at least in every set. After that jut rest for a few minutes and then end your work-out by having an energy drink whichever you prefer, like a glass of milk, a Red Bull, MAD DOG Energy Lemonade, Pure!, etc.

This is an effective and tested routine that can show results in just one month. This body work-out is a complete one that works every muscle of your back, calves, legs, thighs, abdomen, chest, and shoulders. This technique will tone-up your body and will help to quickly shed body fat and you will end up with a leaner, and more strong body. Try it out and see how your body turns slim and trim.

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