The cookie diet is one of the most popular diets currently available. Who doesn't want to eat diet cookies and lose weight? There are three major players in the cookie diet field and this article will introduce you to them and their plans.

Dr. Siegel's cookie diet is the original cookie diet. He has been treating obese patients in his office in south Florida for many years. He developed the recipe for his diet cookies to offer his patients a controlled eating plan. They are high in protein and designed to keep hunger at bay. He also offers shakes. Dr. Siegel's cookie diet has also opened stores in select cities.

The second player in the game is the Smart for Life cookie diet. This company says that their diet cookies are healthier and made with better ingredients than the others. They also offer shakes like Dr. Siegel's plan. Muffins are part of the Smart for Life cookie diet, none of the others offer muffins. This plan can be done through Smart for Life cookie diet centers in 40 cities or it can be done at home by ordering online.

The Hollywood cookie diet is the third player. These diet cookies are available at mass retailers such as drug stores. This product is the least expensive of the three, especially when the cost of shipping the other diet cookies is considered. There is no dieting support offered with this cookie diet.