It might seem like a dream to be able to lose weight without dieting. Many people are caught in the yo yo diet trap for their entire adult lives. They'll only eat tuna fish for weeks on end & then lose weight. Within days they put it back on & their struggle was all for nothing. Then the dieter becomes discouraged until the next fad diet comes on the scene. Here is how to lose weight without dieting.

Change your idea of thin. You might think that you have to be Hollywood thin. Most of the famous actresses are a size 0-4. However, this might not even be healthy. Instead, check with your doctor or the body mass index to determine if you really need to lose weight. Your body may have just settled at a good weight for you & you should learn to love it as long as it's healthy.

Eat consciously. Turn off the TV. You can consume your dinner or an entire bag of potato chips without even realizing it. This also takes away your opportunity to actually savor & enjoy your food. Most importantly, you will miss the signal that you are full & just keep eating because you aren't paying attention. Instead, bring back meal time. It can be a time everyday where your family sits around the table & enjoys healthy meals & togetherness.

Let the portion control police in. You might scoff at the serving sizes that are put on the back of packages. You can basically eat most of the food you want & lose weight without dieting as long as you learn portion control. There will be an adjustment period. Make sure that you are actually hungry when you eat. You might find that a regular portion size still fills you up, gives you the nutrition that you need & cuts your food intake drastically.

Stop dieting. This is one of the best parts of losing weight without dieting. You finally get to get off the rollercoaster ride. Instead, it's a life change that you won't even have to think about once it has become habit. Some people say they are naturally thin, but most of them just gravitate towards healthy eating habits.

Rediscover food. You might think that you love hamburgers & hate vegetables. This may be something that is influenced by society, or your thinking as a child. Now that you take the time to really taste your food, some of your favorites may fall by the way side. They will just taste too greasy or too salty. That is why you were scarffing them down in front of the TV, you didn't enjoy it. Revisit some vegetables that you think you hate. You might find that you love spinach or broccoli & you'll get much needed nutrients. You may even discover that you love apples just as much as you love apple flavored candy.

Chew & then chew some more. It takes a certain amount of time for the body to realize it has had enough food. Up until then, you might just eat & eat. Sometimes you might consume the entire calorie allotment for the rest of the day at lunch. If you chew your food 20 times, it helps slow things down. It also gives you the opportunity to savor your food.

You can lose weight without dieting but it still takes discipline. Think of it as a change of life. This way, you won't ever have to go off a diet & ultimately fail. Instead, you will find a healthy weight for you where you feel good about the way that you look.