Body By Vi Review

Body By ViCredit: brandonlocklear.bodybyvi.comThe minds behind Visalus Sciences have developed a weight loss program that has swept the nation, called the Body By Vi Challenge. The challenge consists of drinking Vi-Shape shakes for 90 days and recording the amount of weight loss. For those that take before and after photos, can enter a contest to win vacations and more prizes up to $25 million in cost. Perhaps the best part of the program is that you can get your Vi-Shape shakes free when you refer 3. It is a system that has been put in place to help everyone not only lose weight for free, but also earn money on customers referred.

Refer 3 Get Yours Free

With the refer 3, get yours free program, when you buy your shakes the first month, all you have to do is find 3 relatives or friends that are willing to take the challenge with you and your next months shake kit is free. The only catch to this is that the 3 you refer must get a challenge kit equal to or greater than the value of yours.  The downside is that if you are someone that doesn't have many friends this could be a difficult task.  Many of the promoters offer help, such as hosting a challenge party for you to pick up your 3 referrals.Vi-ShapeCredit:

Make Money Referring Customers

Making money for referring customers also sounded like it would be challenging and not worth the startup fee.  The bad economy hasn't dampened anyones spirits for losing weight, getting toned or staying healthy. There are people that struggle to lose weight, that are willing to give the Body By Vi program a chance. The whole key to it is spending as much time as you can spreading the word of the challenge to other people; especially on Facebook. I have seen many ViSalus BMW's which leads me to think the program is successful and not a scam.

Bimmer Club

BMW(97154)Credit: brandonlocklear.bodybyvi.comThe Bimmer Club is the club you join when you earn the BMW. Visalus doesn't care if you get it used, new or lease it, as long as it is a black BMW. It can also be any series.  The best part about the Bimmer Club is that it can be achieved at Regional Director; the third level. You start out as an associate. When you find 3 customers and 3 promoters (that are also doing well with your help), you move up to director. Regional director consist of  finding 6 promoters. As you can see it doesn't take a lot of selling to move up in rank. Although the more you promote the more you'll earn.


When you sign up as a promoter you also sign up for Vi-Net, which is a marketing website provided by Visalus. It does carry a $29/month charge, but it is completely optional.  Of course it will help your business grow but if you don't have the money, you can still promote the challenge without the website. Vi-net allows you to sign up customers and promoters. Although Vi-Net can help you market the Body By Vi Challenge, it could be an unneccesary expense if you're just getting started.



In my opinion I feel the Body By Vi program is an awesome choice for someone that is looking for an at home business to get started in. Perhaps someone struggling to find a job or at home moms that need something to do from home. There's not many downsides to the program as they also have an awesome compensation plan and benefits. My only worry would be whether I could find people that were interested in the program. If you have trouble with this you could find yourself struggling just to keep your active status and get your shakes free. You must  spend $125 in PQV(personal sales) or $200 in GQV(group sales) to stay an active promoter. I feel it would be smart to start the challenge and make sure you can at least get your 3 referred customers to get your shakes free, before I would try promoting. The main point of the program is the "power of 3" and the determination to make the sales. Hopefully this article will give you a little more insight on how the Body By Vi Challenge from ViSalus works.