There are a number of diet plans today that claim to help people lose weight quickly. There are some that work so much better that others, while there are some that are easier to stick to compared to other diet plans. There are also expensive diets, like those that are followed by celebrities, and there are those that are cost-effective. Among these thousands of diets, people find it difficult to find one that will really work for them.

Lose Weight by Following Different Diet Plans for Different Dieting Needs

Dieting Choices

Diet plans like the Scarsdale diet offer many choices making it easier for the dieter to lose weight, and stick to the program. Another diet, called the cabbage soup diet may be repetitive, but really cheap. The easiest diet to date is the lemonade diet, which requires the least preparation. In regards to these factors, the need to lose weight is not the only consideration in choosing a diet plan to shed those extra pounds.

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The thing to keep in mind when selecting a diet plan is to select one that you can stick to on a long term basis, even if you only need to lose a few pounds only. Also consider the variety, taste and food preparation ease. Also check the feedback on the weight loss program, especially what people say about it.

Ask your Physician First

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When people need to lose 10 pounds over a short period of time, the first thing to do is to seek a physician’s recommendation and advice. Your doctor will be able to provide you with sensible suggestions and sound advice on the diet plan that you want to follow. You should have a complete physical examination prior to the diet, so that any health risks can be avoided.

This article will discuss several diet plans to lose weight fast that have worked for a lot of people, in comparison to other dieting attempts. You can get ideas from these diet programs, find the one that seems right for you, and get your doctor’s approval before initiating the diet.

Scarsdale Diet Program

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Scarsdale diet program is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to starve themselves, but would want to lose a few pounds. This diet plan would not require you to weigh, measure portions or count calories. All you have to do is to follow simple menus that are filled with your normal daily food. This diet plan has been used by thousands of men and women who vow that it really works, and because you are not starving, you have more energy to be up and about.

The Cost Effective Scarsdale Diet

This is a derivative of the Scarsdale program, but the cheap version. This plan uses low cost food that can be bought from supermarkets, making it easier on your pocket.

The Scarsdale Vegetarian

This is yet another version of the original Scarsdale program, however, all the foods here are meatless, or use meat-replacement menus. This is a great diet plan for people who are purely vegetarian.



There are many kinds of diets out there, and it is important to remember that each diet is specifically designed to suit the different needs of different people.  For those who have stronger will power, the lemonade diet is the perfect cleansing program. On the other hand, if you want to lose ten pounds right away, you should follow the 3-Day Diet system. For those that want to lose less than 10 pounds, the juice fasting Hollywood diet is recommended.