The natural way to lose weight has nothing to do with starving yourself. You should not feel hungry to lose weight. You should not be playing games with yourself or taking drugs to suppress your appetite. Fiber is naturally more filling than fake foods. If you ate well, correctly according to the food pyramid, you would not be tempted to binge or take laxatives. I used to think we all knew how to eat well, we just didn't care to, but as we approach generation two of broken homes, broken families, depressed school systems, low budget care I have to admit maybe some people have no idea what the food pyramid is.

I asked my young co-workers (all under the age of 30) what the four food groups were, and here is what they said: comfort food, fast food, microwave food, and sweets. Everyone agreed that sweets were bad. Although there was some discrepancy over fake sugar. Did it belong in the sweets group because it tasted sweet, or was it supposed to go in the comfort food group. There was a certain logic to their groups. Honey, apples, donuts and soda could all go in the sweets group, and thus be eaten sparingly. The microwave food group covered breakfast lunch and dinner. The fast food group was for eating away from home, and the comfort food group was only necessary two days a month - shortly before cramps.

Alas, those were not the food groups natural dieting is based on. The biggest group is the grains. Whole grains have fiber. If you make whole grains such as flaxseed. whole wheat or brown rice your main caloric intake, you will feel full. If you feel full, you are less likely to cheat. Less likely to fill up on "empty" calories, those foods with no nutritional value. To be honest, whole grains don't have that much nutritional value in terms of vitamins and minerals. Their main purpose is the fiber necessary to clear out your system. The second food group is the fruits and veggies, where the vitamins and minerals can be found.

The old saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," is not a bad saying. The sugar in an apple will curb your sweet tooth a little. The fiber is good for you, and it has some vitamin c and other nutrients. For a ten o'clock snack it will do better for you than a candy bar. The point to natural dieting is to keep from being hungry. Eat small amounts of good food all day, interspersed with meals made from whole ingredients. Don't use ready made pie crusts or cookie dough. Make things from scratch to ensure you're not ingesting unnecessary things such as msg, overloads of salt, food dye, or tropical oils. Your body can't digest tropical oils.

The third food group is protein. I don't advocate a meat free diet myself. But neither should you make meat a main course. Most of the world doesn't eat meat three meals a day the way American's do, and most of the world is not as over weight as us. Introduce meat as a garnish, chopped and mixed with vegetables as in Chinese or other Asian cuisines. Or eat beans with rice for protein, or an egg. Plain Yogurt, milk or cheese all have protein as well. If you can't digest cow's milk, goats milk is good too. Tofu is an easy to digest meat substitute that few people are allergic to. It will take on the taste of any sauce you soak it in, or you can blend it in a blender as a soup thickening ingredient.

The fourth group, which is the one you can use the least of, is fats. The body needs fats. Real butter or real cream are not horrible culprits if you eat them in small quantities. Margarine, on the other hand has no nutritional value. Fat when mixed with white sugar gets a bland taste, you hardly notice which can be dangerous if you eat without thinking about it. Avoid fat mixed with sugar as much as you can. If you want a sweetie, make it yourself, at home. The time it takes to prepare yourself some home made cookies or cake will ensure you don't eat too much. Plus home made brownies taste so much better than anything from a box, you'll never look back once you start eating right.

Avoid fruit juice unless you water it down. If you're thirsty drink water. It's free and will flush your system. Diet drinks encourage drinkers to binge on sweets. therefore avoid the diet drinks. You don't need the aspartame anyway. Its not a natural food. Eat breakfast if you must, but eat a whole grain, such as whole wheat toast or oatmeal, or any whole grain low sugar cereal. Carry an apple as a mid morning snack. Skip lunch if you can, make dinner a combination of a small amount of meat, a large amount of veggies a top another whole grain such as brown rice.

Eat this way for 30 days at least. If you can't completely give up on fast food and store bought sweets, at least cut down. Move towards eating healthy, and you WILL lose weight. Best of all, life style changes, as apposed to "dieting" create sustained weight loss. A healthy lifestyle means less trips to the doctor. Less money spent on medications. Less hip and knee and back problems as there is less stress on your body when you are at the correct weight.