WheDr. OzCredit: Wiki Commons Imagesn Dr. Oz dedicated part of his television show to explain how green coffee beans could help men and women lose a  substantial amount of the weight, the internet search engines went crazy.

That's the power of  Dr. Oz.

Apparently you can't just lose weight by drinking lots of your regular coffee. Well, maybe you could, but you'd be awfully jittery and not that much fun to be around.

The idea is that the beans that you drink in your regular coffee are roasted over such high heat that much of their nutritional value is gone.

Instead, green coffee beans are left in their natural state and they contain powerful compounds that accelerate weight loss even if you make no changes in your normal routine.

Lets' see what the research shows so far.


Lets Look at the Research on Green Coffee Bean Extract

The study was conducted in India.  Sixteen overweight people were given a daily dose of green coffee bean extract in capsule form.

They lost an average of 11 percent of their body weight.

Similar studies have been conducted in Japan and France. In those cases, participants lost weight, but not as much as the people in the Indian study.

However, the people in the Indian study were given a higher and more concentrated dose of the green tea extract.

They were asked to not change their eating or exercise habits for six months while the study was conducted.

Participants got either a capsule with 700 milligrams of green coffee bean extract, 1050 milligrams of green coffee bean extract or a placebo for six weeks and their weight was closely monitored. After six weeks they switched to another group so researchers could accurately compare changes based on the type of capsule used.

All the participants were in their twenties and lost an average of 17 pounds and 16 percent of their body fat.

There are plans to conduct another study using a larger group.

The trials were conducted by Applied Food Sciences. It's an American company that manufactures two green coffee bean extract supplement products. That does not make result invalid, but any time you look at a research paper it's good to know who's paying for the study.

It's also important to note that these products are being sold as supplements, so they are not subject to the same scrutiny and regulations as prescription drugs.

Sales continue to soar and there's now even an e-book on the green coffee bean diet.


Would You Try Green Coffee Bean Extract?

I admit it. I broke down and ordered a bottle of the supplements.Svetol Green Cofffe Gold

But first, I did some research. I looked at the customer reviews on ten different green coffee bean extract products available on Amazon.

Quite frankly, the reviews were all over the map. Some people swore their appetite was diminished and they were steadily losing weight. They also said the capsules did not make them jittery like other weight loss products and regular coffee.

Others said they noticed no difference at all and after weeks of taking the supplements they had not lost a pound.

In the end, I went with Svetol Green Coffee Gold. It's the product with the best customer reviews, including a high percentage of five stars. It's not an exact science, but it did help me narrow down my search.

The capsules just came in the mail, so it's too early to tell if they will work.

I'll let you know.


Dr. Oz on Green Coffee Bean Extract