Weight Loss by Walking Biking Swimming or Jogging

Exercise is important. Following a simple exercise program helps you lose weight and lose inches off the waist or lose inches off the hips for swimsuit season. And everyone wants to get in better shape. But the hardest part can be finding an easy exercise program and getting started

I believe that the best first step for those who don't exercise much is to keep the program simple. And for most of us, that is simply taking a daily walk, run, bike ride, or swim. It's easy to start, easy to do, works for every level, and you don't need to spend money on gadgets.

But even with that simple idea, most stop and give up because they do too much and wear out before creating a consistent habit, or don't do enough to get results. Here are some rules to get you started. Follow these rules and you can improve your stamina, your health, and even lose weight!

If you are just starting out, and don't get much exercise, begin with a goal of walking, biking or swimming 15 minutes per day, five days per week. You can push longer if you want, or if you are already active, but you don't push so hard that you get tired. Working at least four days a week is more important than longer workouts. Again, the first goal is "a little exercise, almost every day".

Running or jogging is advisable only if walking is very easy for you. But you should be working hard enough that you are "huffing and puffing", but you should still be able to talk. Again, if you can't keep up a running pace for at least 15 minutes, then slow it down.

Quick tip: Body fat is a "slow burn" energy source. If you stress your body too hard, you will burn less fat. Slowing down actually helps you lose weight quicker!

Being a little bit sore is part of exercising – building a little muscle is good for raising your metabolism and improving your health. But if your workout leaves you hurting so much you have trouble moving the next day, you need to cut back the intensity. You can cut back the time, but not below 15 minutes!

If you have made it ten sessions with no more than mild soreness, increase your workout time by five minutes, writing down each session like you did before. Your goal is to get up to 30-45 minutes per day, five days per week. If you are keeping that up for over a month, you have a decent level of fitness.

If you find yourself gasping for breath, or in pain, even to do 15 minutes of walking, you need to see a doctor soon. And don't forget to see a doctor before starting any program, just to let them know, and review your medical history for any special issues that affect your exercise or weight loss program.

Quick Tip: If you are serious about losing weight or building fitness, write down how much you exercise each day. It helps you remember how often you skipped a workout, and if you are ready for higher intensity! You don't need a big diary or computer program - just write down the date, and how long you exercised. If you want more detail, add a column with a 1-10 score for "how did you feel?" after a session, or time yourself on a certain path. Simple is best here!

Exercise does a body good! And following this program is a great way to increase your fitness for weight loss, more endurance, and better health!