Chapped lips are not your friend.
No matter how attractive you think those cracks and scales are, trust me. Bleeding lips are not going to help your love life unless you're dating a vampire. Let me show you the way to soft, scale-free lips. I promise, you'll never want to go back.
Chapped lips occur when the natural oils that keep lips soft is removed or isn't produced. Yours truly iMwah!s guilty of the nervous lip-licking - a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle that will never stop without an intervention. The more you lick, the more chapped your lips will become, and the more you will want to lick them.
Here are some simple steps for losing the lizard lips.

  • Chapstick, vasoline, honey, or coconut are all good temporary remedies. (If you get a nasty flavored chapstick, that will help you to stay away from the lip-licking goodness long enough to let your lips heal. Lay off the Lip Smackers unless you're going to be kissing later.)
  • Avoid orange juice and other citrus drinks. Acidic substances irritate chapped lips and make the condition worse.
  • Avoid excessively hot, spicy or salty foods. (I know you love your potato chips and orange juice, but try to abstain.)
  • Chapped lips get worse in cold, dry weather. Wrap up with a scarf around your mouth when it's cold, and avoid going outside as much as possible. (And don't like your lips while you're out there!)
  • Apply lip balm before your lips get cracked - as soon as the weather gets dry, before your lips get sunburned or cracked with cold dehydration.
You can do it, lizard lips!