If you are looking to lose weight the easy way, then you may want to try substituting the carbohydrates in your diet for higher protein alternatives.  It is the carbs that make you put on all the weight, so by reducing these you should have no problem losing weight without having to reduce your calories or fat intake. This article gives you ideas of which foods you can swap and what alternatives you can have instead.

One of the most popular snack foods are potato chips. However, these are full of carbohydrates and fats and are therefore really bad for our waistline.  If you substitute these for roasted, salted nuts you immediately reduce the carbs, but you can still have a greasy salty snack.  Some nuts are better for you than others so be careful which you choose. Select pecans, pistachios, macadamias and almonds instead of peanuts and cashew nuts.

We are always made to believe that fruit is really healthy, but because of its high sugar content it can cause weight gain.  Some fruits are better than others, so replace bananas, apples, grapes and melon with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Try to avoid dried fruit as this is even sweeter. If you enjoy sweet foods select carrots and sugar snap peas which still have a sweet taste and are full of nutrients but are healthier than fruit.

White bread, pasta, noodles and white rice are all very easily broken down into glucose in the body and therefore can contribute to weight gain.  If you want some carbohydrates with your meal look for wholemeal or whole grain alternatives.  The best option is to go without them completely.  Instead of your lunchtime bread have a salad with seeds and beans instead of a sandwich, if you like stir fry with noodles, have them with tofu or nuts instead of the noodles.  If you like rice with your chilli add mayonnaise or cheese instead.

Potatoes are the worst vegetable for carbohydrate content.  You can substitute sweet potato instead which makes great mash or roast.  However, most root vegetables have a high carbohydrate content so if you want to lose weight fast it is better to stick to leafy green vegetables like cabbage, sprouts or spinach. 

If you  make these simple changes to your diet you may well be surprised how quickly you lose weight.  If you ever feel hungry then it is better to eat foods high in proteins rather than carbohydrates. These will make you feel full without giving the sugar rush that other foods do and therefore you will not be craving more foods shortly afterwards.  You will be surprised how small your portions can get.  You will no longer be wanting to eat all the time, as you won't be getting the drops in blood sugar levels associated with eating foods that are high in carbohydrates.

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