do you choose food wisely?

Losing weight may not be as torturous as you may think. It is a lifestyle and you need good plans to make it effective and enjoyable. Here are the latest researches done by scientists on losing weight and if you apply these rules into your everyday life, losing weight can be as natural and easy as sleeping and eating. Check it out.


A cup of coffee before breakfast

According to researches done by Vanderbilt University in Nashville,USA, having a cup of coffee 30 minutes before breakfast will make you feel full when you only consumed 75% of your normal consumption. What is more, it can increase the rate of burning of the fats by 5%. These benefits all attribute to a substance present in coffee-------xanthine--------which also provides enough thermal energy for the body.


Make sure you have enough calcium from your breakfast and lunch

600mg of calcium a day can help body burn fats more efficiently. In a recent research, the scientists found that comparing to those women do not consume enough calcium, women who stick to the rule of 600mg of calcium a day lose 22% more weight, 61% more fats and 81% more belly fats.


Drink more water 

Your weight is largely depends one how much water you drink everyday. Nutrition experts recommend that for every kilogram of your weight, you need to drink 31.3ml water. For example, if you weight 50kg, you need to drink at least1.565Lwater every day. Water is the essential part of body temperature regulation mechanism. Once the water concentration in the body decreases below the normal level, body temperature will decrease and more fats will be stored.


Have some peanuts between breakfast and lunch

Good news for those peanut-lovers. Scientists found that people who eat peanuts can lose as much as twice weight than people who don’t. According to researches, if you eat a handful of peanuts a day, you will consume 333calories less.

Note: peanut ≠ peanut butter. The latter is much more sugar-rich.


Bread is a blessing

Researchers discovered that food made by fermentation, such as bun and bread can make the body feel full 1 more hours than other food. This is because during the process of fermentation, carbohydrates had been decomposed into substances that are difficult to digest. As the body need more time to digest, you will not easily feel hungry


Have a spoon of honey in the afternoon

Honey can restore your blood glucose concentration to normal level in only 20 minutes’ time and this state can last for more than 2 hours. It is one of the very few sweet food that can suppress your hunger without your worrying about putting on extra weight. Cheers!


Have a cup of Oolong tea 

Developing the habit of drinking Oolong tea will speed up metabolic reactions in your body and subsequently, burn more fats. This tea doesn’t contain any fats or sodium, thus you can add it into your diet without any scruples.