Why am I not losing weight?

An easy yet effective way of losing weight

 "Why am I not losing weight?!"


I can understand the frustrations on being physically fit and losing weight. Like you, I did try several slimming product that promises a gorgeous and amazing body. I’m into sports and was once an athlete, that’s why when I gained weight and cannot move smoothly anymore, I started to find ways on how to lose weight again. I thought it was easy using slimming products because they don’t require exercises and lesser food intake. It was even stated in the box that you can eat anything you want regardless of the amount. Some even say that other products trim down food intake making you eat less; others regulate your vowel movement but leaving you dehydrated. There are coffee, tea, juice, and pills; it depends on what you feel like taking. Nonetheless the effect of these slimming products just last for a week or sometimes they’re not even effective at all! So why am I not losing weight? It’s because you’re doing it in a lazy and improper way!

 Nothing is really achieved in an easy way, especially if it’s too good to be true. Let us face the fact that if we wanted a slim and good-looking body, we should work on it.


The incentive program

            We can easily say that yes! We wanted to lose weight but we’re not doing anything about it. We’re just saying it for the sake of promising ourselves and telling ourselves that we did plan it once; unfortunately it was never started. If you really wanted to get that striking body, put into heart what you promised to yourself. Get working and be motivated! Nothing will get done if you won’t start today. Be honest with yourself in fulfilling this promise you made; in the first place, it is you who will benefit from it, not me, not your neighbor, nor your friend. One of the best ways to get you going is the incentive program where you can use the power of reward in motivating yourself. But be sure to make that reward worthy of your performance.

Time management

            I understand that you’re busy at work or school, but in starting to get fit, you should have a time management. Get a notebook or a planner and write down all the stuffs you’re into. Schedule at least a 15 to 30 minutes work out before going out of your house. Working out doesn’t mean getting into the nearest gym and registering yourself. Actually, many kinds of exercises that will make you fit don’t need any mechanical or machine help. You can start by cardiovascular activities like walking even inside the house for around 15 minutes; this will be enough to keep your heart rate increase easily. Having a dog can also be useful; if you’re one of those who know something about pet care, dogs also need a short walk outside to keep them sane and attend to their personal necessities. Jumping jack or even an invisible jumping rope is also an effective workout.

Avoid false hopes and assuming too much

            You’ve just started! So don’t expect a miracle will happen after waking up in the morning. Checking yourself from time to time is not healthy. It will just make you depress and unmotivated.

Don’t starve yourself to death!

            Did you know that when you push yourself too much away from your cravings, there’s a hundred percent possibility of you gaining more weight. It’s like preventing your body in getting enough nutrients that it needs to work well. It’s acceptable to eat what you want as long as you know how to control yourself. Consider it as a reward from doing a job well done. Always remember that when you starve yourself, the more your body will tell you that it likes this and that. You’ll not get satisfied by just eating what’s enough, leading you to eat more. So if you’re the kind of person who cannot do away with eating, then eat 6 times a day but with lesser amount. Another way is digesting the food in your mouth a bit longer. Some studies says that the faster a person eats, the bigger amount of food he/she will consume; unlike when you eat slowly, you will eventually feel full not realizing you haven’t eat a lot.

Try to get enough sleep

            Most of the time, people who wanted to lose weight faster forbid themselves the time to rest and relax.  We can only meet proper rest through sleeping, basically 8 hours of sleep at night. Less than that will make you look thin but in an unhealthy way; zombie looks as they call it. Other than that, lack of sleep may also cause you to gain more weight; and that’s scientifically proven.

Eat healthy foods

            Fiber is one of the food elements that you should get to tone down. It is fiber that helps in proper digestion. Have you heard of the word metabolism? A person with faster metabolism tends to lose more weight than those who have slower metabolism process; and having enough fiber in your body will help you to get the right metabolism process. Eat more fruits and vegetables; they will supply the right nutrition in your body while helping you to tone down. Another healthy yet delicious food you can take is yogurt! If you’re focusing more in your belly, try to take 8 oz. of yogurt daily. Experiments shows that those who are including yogurt with their diet makes it easy to lose weight particularly in the tummy/ belly area.