Keeping your ideal weight and a healthy eating routine is challenging and sometimes frustrating. There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done: business meetings, hectic work, being a mom. There's no time to prepare healthy snacks, homemade salads and a smoothie every day, so we reach for the easy fix, usually fast lunches and caloric snacks that don't do any good.

There's a way to keep your sanity and waist line under control: the secret is moderation.

Lose weight, not your mind

Do not attempt to do fast miraculous diets - there is no easy path when it comes to losing weight. If you lose it too fast, you might get it back as soon as you stop dieting, or you can even get sick.

At first, the best option is portion control. Eat less, and at the right time. Sometimes you think you are hungry, but you are actually bored, anxious or nervous. Ask yourself before reaching for the potato chips: am I hungry? A lot of times you will find out that you are not. If you are, avoid carbs, sugar and caffeine. An apple or yogurt do not need a lot of your time, you just grab and go. Stock your fridge with food that you won't feel guilty eating and you will have less regrets.

Start changing your eating habits slowly, because it will guarantee that you will adjust to the switch. Why not order a delicious Portobello salad next time you go out to dinner, instead of a pasta dish? Look for lighter options, and when cooking at home, think of a way to make a recipe with fewer calories. 

Once you incorporate changes to your diet, try to keep them for a few weeks. You might find out that you love the new menu. You may discover that you wake up less bloated, happier and more energized. There will be days that you will indulge and blow your new eating lifestyle, but don't punish yourself if you fail. Wake up next day and start again! You can still have the foods that you love and are not great for your body, but label them as what they are: treats. Cheese cake once in a while is a great treat, but having it everyday is not a wise idea. Keep it up and you will start seeing changes. 

Make peace with yourself and accept that reaching the ideal weight takes time, effort and perseverance. You will get there if you make it your goal; the feeling of accomplishment is way better that giving up!