The Viva Mayr Diet

Who doesn’t want a streamlined flat stomach? Who doesn’t want to lose weight in a short time? The Viva Mayr diet is a new diet. After a cure of fourteen days the visible effects of the Viva Mayr diet are: weight loss, a flatter and more streamlined stomach, a clean skin, better sleep and more energy. No wonder the diet has been embraced by a lot of celebrities.

The Viva Mayr diet, a so called ‘smart diet’ has established a link between health and digestion. The diet was developed by the Austrian doctor Harald Stossier. The diet is a kind of cure of fourteen days in which your body is cleansed of all toxic substances.

How does the Viva Mayr Diet work?

Caffeine and sugar are prohibited

The Viva Mayr diet bans caffeine and sugar. During the first three days of the cure participants may feel lightheaded, suffer form headaches and feel extremely tired. After these first few days you should feel better because your body is more and more cleansed of toxic substances.

When you eat is important!

Not only what you eat is important but also when you eat. At the end of the day the human brains and body are tired. And so is our digestive system. In the morning when the digestive system is rested you should eat fruits and vegetables which are difficult to digest. Therefor you should never skip breakfast! Dinner should consist of light products like soup, fish and lightly cooked vegetables. Dinner has to be served about six hours before you are going to sleep. Is this time your body can digest everything.

The art of chewing

The Austrian doctor Harald Stossier states that by using a proper chewing technique you can lose weight and that it makes you healthier. Longer chewing has two advantages. First advantage is that longer chewing gives your brains more time to tell your stomach that you’ve had enough. Second advantage is that you free up more nutrients. Question is: how often do you have to chew? Stossier advises to chew on mouthful of food about 30-40 times. After this the food will be liquid. He warns that in the beginning you only manage about 15-20 times. However practice makes perfect!


What should we drink? It’s not surprising that drinking water tops the list. The Viva Mayr diet advises a glass of hot water before breakfast. Between meals you should drink up to two or three liters. Drinking while eating is not recommended. Drinking during meals makes the food soft at a time when your body should concentrate on digestion. Herbal teas, juices and milk are also included in the diet. Soft drinks, coffee and tea are prohibited. Luckily a glass of wine is allowed!


A diet is in most cases about eating. The Viva Mayr diet is no exception. In the cure especially fruits and vegetables are important but also good proteins and fats. Harald Stossier states that if you eat enough of these there is no reason to eat carbohydrates. It is said that you need carbohydrates for energy. The problem is however that too many carbohydrates are converted into sugars. Insulin levels rise which results in the storage of this extra energy in fat. The outcome is a gain in weight. It is recommended to eat smaller portions of carbohydrates, preferably cereals.

Fats receive particular attention in the Viva Mayr diet. Fats are important for overall health and therefore an important part of the diet. However not all fats are good. Saturated fats have been banned. So no ready made meals and margarine. Moderate portions of whole milk, cream and butter are allowed because they are natural products. Good fats include omega 3 and 6 oil (sunflower and olive oil).Two tablespoons a day would be great says Stossier. Fats from meat such as sausages and other prepared meat are banned.

Proteins are a necessary part of the Viva Mayr diet. But: less is more. If you eat too much protein food detoxification organs such as the kidneys and liver come under severe pressure. Stossier says that you should eat animal proteins every other day. For instance fish, meat and cheese. The other day you should have vegetable proteins for dinner such as nuts and seeds. When you want to eat meat: don't eat pork.

Fiber makes the digestion system work optimally. Whole grain varieties are recommended. Bread, white rice and pasta are not. Don’t forget the vegetables even if they are orange, purple or red. The brighter the fruits or vegetables, the more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals they have. These vegetables also contain a lot of fiber.


My conclusion is that the Viva Mayr diet a great diet to lose weight. But don’t forget your daily exercise! Also beware of some pitfalls I wrote about in my article Eight pitfalls when trying to lose weight.