Most of us know that the United States Postal Service has been in a tough spot for a while. Any business operating at a cost deficit is dangerous. Yet, how does a government agency so depended upon by so many politely bow out of providing valued services? Well, the "cats out of the bag," or at least the mailbags of postal carriers, as most forms of mail will not be delivered on Saturdays beginning in August. There are some positives and negatives to view in light of this coming development.

The Positives

Vacations- Us

We won't have to worry about mail that is delivered to us on weekends when we are out of town on business or pleasure. The nuisance of having to ask friends, family, or neighbors to pick it up and place it in a more secure place is going to be a thing of the past.

Vacations- Them

Mail carriers who normally work on this day will now be able to enjoy a full weekend off like the rest of us. This, in a sense, gives them a kind of mini-vacation each working week. This new found freedom may make some carriers feel even more akin to the red, white, and blue present in the American flag compared to those present in their uniforms.

The Negatives

Lack of Time Sensitive Mail

Those of us who depend upon Saturday to be a day to receive important letters or other correspondence will have to put our expectations on hold. This means yet one more day to "wait out" to receive it. Any crucial financial paperwork or checks cannot be counted on to arrive this day.

Lack of Essential Income in an already Struggling Economy

On the flip side of the coin, postal carriers who now have Saturdays off may lose a full days pay. Some who choose this occupation have come to accept working on this day as "part of the territory" and the need to profit from it. This turn of events is to their loss.