Do you need to lose weight? But are scared to even try because you have already decided you will fail?

Diets tend to conjure up visions of dry rice cakes, carrot sticks, and hunger. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are many ways to get rid of a few calories in your day, without giving up all your favorite foods.

I love my food, and no way was I ever going to get rid of the things I like, but there are a few tricks and tips to help you lose that weight. I call it "tweaking" the food.

Before you start contemplating giving up the bigger items on your plate, and resign yourself to always feeling hunger pangs in the effort to drop weight, take a look at the little things first. Ease yourself into this new "diet" plan. Actually get rid of the word "diet" totally, because that word, makes you think there is a beginning and a end. When in actual fact, you will be slowly changing how you eat, and for the better!

Now is the time to try and add some zing to your sandwich, or some zest to your salad and vegetables. Think of this, as trying a new taste, not as giving up something.

Condiments are a big sabotage. They may look small, and in restaurants they look like innocent little packages, but they can pack big calories, that you mindlessly eat.

If you really have a hard time with changing your food, or trying to lose weight because you have ZERO will power (like me!) then start with something very simple, like mayonnaise. If you have mayonnaise on your sandwich, today is the day you are going to try mustard.

You see mayonnaise, especially the real stuff, packs over 100 calories for a knife full, and your idea of a knife full could be even more. It is high in fat and calories. Mustard is zero fat, very little calories. So, for your first week, try getting used to mustard on your sandwich or wherever you were using mayo.


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After a week, if you have got used to that, then lets start attacking soft drinks or soda. Huge calories in those. But if you just can't give them up, then lets do this gradually. Take one soft drink or soda and replace it with a glass of water and a slice of lemon. This gives the water and refreshing taste, and is good for cleansing your liver, and getting rid of bloat. Even just one glass of water could replace a hundred calories or more in one soft drink. Do that for another week or so.

Now that you are used to mustard on your sandwich and drinking more lemon water. You could now start looking at the rest of your day. Do, you put sugar and cream in your coffee? If you put two teaspoons of sugar, try using just one teaspoon for a few days, then change it to 1/2 and see if you can stay there, or even venture to zero sugar. I personally used to be a 3 teaspoon sugar, but over a couple of months, I cut it back to zero.. You just have to allow your body to get used to the change. Change to milk instead of cream, or even 1/2 and 1/2 if that is too much in one go.

The idea here, is to start with condiment changes in your day, and slowly get used to them. Once you form the habit, then you will likely stick to it. But to take a person, who has ate a certain way most of their life, and then expect them to cut out this or that, it can be too big a change, and it will not become habit.

So, allow yourself some time for this weight loss journey. Stay away from articles and ads that promise you HUGE weight loss each week. You would have to change your day so much, and what you eat and do, that you may lose the weight in the beginning, but will quickly tire of this new routine. You need to do these changes slowly in order to get used to them.

Start trying to fit in a bit more walking, just a bit at first, and gradually increase it.

Research shows, that it takes 21 days to form a new habit and 21 days to break one. So, it is going to be hard for a person to take their entire diet, and suddenly change it to things they are not used to. Slow changes, and balance are the key.

So, you can still eat your sandwiches, yes with bread, and you can still have the odd soda, and you can still have your coffee or tea, but try and spend some time on researching alternative additives or condiments. Take a good look at mustard, it has zing, and zero fat and next to no calories. The same with lemon squeezed on fish instead of butter, or skipping the salt on fries. Find something else to replace them. If you use a lot of condiments in your day, or are always adding something to your meals, then start with this, and see just how many calories you can save in a day, without even touching the main course!