To lose weight, you have to take in less calories than what you burn. We all know that, but we are also human, not a machine, and what sounds good on paper, doesn't work with an emotional human being.

If you have decided it is time to lose weight, then you have to take the time and write down what you eat for a week or so. Identify your weaknesses and weak moments in your day, and try and come up with some alternative.

It is no good telling yourself, that you will just have to "do without" because now you will keep thinking about the treats or snacks you will have to "do without". The minute you make it off limits, then you will want it.

The idea here, is to change gradually.

I have found many tips and tricks on my weight loss journey, that may not work for everyone else, but they have worked for me. You have to find the same for you. One problem I always had, was this need to see a "full plate". When I first started trying to lose weight, I would put out the amount of food that was recommended, and I would look at my plate, and already feel hungry!

This may just by psychological, but I when I sit down to eat dinner, I need to see .. food. As a person who used to pile up my plate, I at least needed to feel like I was eating something.

I came up with the idea, of using a slightly smaller plate. I used a sandwich size plate for my dinner, and I fill it will lots of vegetables and lean protein. I even will have a whole grain bun, or a small baked potato. My plate now looks really full.


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This may sound odd, because, yes, I know, I am still eating the same amount, but it feels like more to me. With all the restaurants going super size on many of their meals, I also found the plates to be huge and full of food. The portions sizes are getting bigger and bigger. So, I started asking for children sizes, or side dishes for my meal, as they were usually on smaller plates. Or I would ask that instead of fries of potatoes, they fill my main plate with salad beside the meat. Quite often salads are served first in a restaurant and on a separate plate, I would ask them to include the salad with my dinner, and the plate would look full without loads of calories.

Larger vegetables, like broccoli or cauliflower, will take up a lot of room on a plate.

I also started purchasing those 100 calorie snack packs of popcorn, as they felt like I was eating a lot of snack, in comparison to the 100 calorie snack packs of cookies and chips etc that looked so tiny.

I know myself, and I need to see volume. So, this is the most important part of any weight loss journey. Do, a questionnaire on yourself. Figure out when you are going to have problems, and come up with ways to deal with it in advance. If you are concerned about restaurants, you need not be, as most restaurants now, are willing to cater to and your preferences for low calorie and lower fat foods. Many actually have them on their menu now.

On the other hand, if you are a fridge snacker, then you need to get out a small plate and see just how much food you are nibbling. A plate seems to work in both of these cases. Mindless nibbling can sabotage even the best intentions.

So, find the diet tricks and tips that work for you. If like me, you need to see volume, get some smaller plates, or buy lots of low calorie foods that take up space.

Figuring out your personality and how it will pertain to losing weight, is key. If you can do that and be prepared for those weak moments, then you will have won half the battle of your weight loss journey already, as you are more likely to stick to it.