If you love to eat out, or have to eat out at restaurants more due to your job, and are trying to lose weight, there is a way!

Just a few simple tweaks to your meal, is all it takes, you don't have to live off of a plain green salad, while the rest of your group enjoys the rest of the menu.

Here are a few examples that will help. These help me, and I have ZERO tolerance when it comes to hunger and dieting!

1. If you are with a friend, and you simply must have fries with your meal, then have your friend order the fries, and you get salad with your meal, when it arrives, you take half of their fries and you give them half the salad. Do, this right away, because we will always tend to eat what is on our plate. Once it is off our plate, we no longer have to make the decision of how much to eat.

You will find that, the plates are getting bigger and bigger or super sized, and the fries portion is huge. Sometimes the fries look bigger than the burger or whatever your main course is. By splitting the portion, you will get your fix of fries, but far less than you normally would, and yet you will still feel satisfied.


2. If you are eating breakfast out. Have your eggs, or omelets and have it with Canadian bacon rather than strip bacon, and skip the home fries and order sliced tomato or a fruit bowl, and have whole grain toast.

If this sounds way to healthy for you, and you are with someone, then share the home fries, or get them to put 1/2 order in a take away container or simply ask for a 1/2 order of home fries and 1/2 of tomatoes or fruit. This way you still get your home fries. Canadian bacon or sliced ham can be leaner than strip bacon, and the whole grain toast, will stay with you longer than the white, and that stops you from snacking 2 hours from now.

3. If you love potatoes, get a baked potato with all the fixings on the side. This gives you control. Besides, this way you know you are eating ONE potato, with fries, you could easily be eating 3 potatoes! Especially if they are the large fries.

4. Eat soup first. A simple soup, like chicken noodle or beef noodle, (not the cream soups), this will fill you up, and stop you from overeating at your meal. Don't be afraid to ask for a doggy bag for the rest of your dinner. This could be your lunch the next day! This way you got two meals out of the one, you would have sat there and consumed in one sitting..

5. Order a glass of water with lemon, instead of a soda. The lemon gives the water some flavor, and you save a lot of calories and sugar.

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There are ways to eat out at restaurants when you are watching your weight. Many breakfast places are even now offering poached eggs on toast, as a great alternative to bacon and eggs fried.

Try making a few changes at first. Just become aware of what you are mindlessly eating, as this happens so easily in restaurants, because you are with family and or friends, and you don't always realize just how much you are eating. So, if you get your food sorted out before you get into heavy conversation, then you will have won half the battle.

Restaurants offer many lighter versions now as well, it doesn't hurt to ask. So, many people are becoming conscious of their health and weight, so you will not be singled out when trying to eat healthy in a restaurant.

Just make a few tweaks here and there, you will not feel so stuffed, or get mad at yourself for eating that huge plate of fries. But if you did go overboard, rather than flop on a couch somewhere or just sit there waiting to digest, finish your meal, pay for it, and go for a slow walk around the parking lot. Get yourself moving a bit, and you will not feel so lethargic.