If you are trying to lose weight, and it feels like a uphill battle, maybe you should take a closer look at your kitchen.

It just could be, that your kitchen is making you fat!

Lets start with soda. If you are a soda drinker, and your fridge is full of the stuff, take a look at the glasses you use. Are they nice little 6 or 8 ounce juice glasses, or are they large tumblers? Also who just fills their glass 1/2 full. If you must see a full glass of soda or whatever it is you are drinking that is full of calories and sugar, then use a small glass and fill it. Get rid of the large tumblers.

Over the course of a day, you could stop yourself from downing large amounts of soda.

Big Packaging. Do you go to the bulk section, or those large stores with the large packages, such as Costco etc?. These bulk sizes, are a great way to save money for food items you use all the time. But how much are you really saving, when you buy the large bulk size of chocolate chip cookies, and find you run out of them just as fast as the regular size cookies? Most of those cookies probably have ended up around your hips. Not going to lose weight this way!

Take the time when you first get home from one of these bulk store trips, and organize your large packaging into smaller plastic tubs. Or single serving sizes. This way you will not drag out that large bag of cookies or granola and have a field day. The same with the mega size potato chips.


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Do NOT eat from the package. There is no natural stopping point, you will just keep mindlessly digging in. So break them down into smaller containers. Purchasing smaller plastic containers, would be a worthwhile investment. This way they will also stack better in your pantry. Label them, and allow yourself a "set amount" per week. Plus, do you really need five different brands of cookies?, or cereals? Just more temptation. Unless you are hunkering down for a nasty winter or wish to hibernate, you can go to the grocery store again in a week or so. Don't feel you have to buy everything in those large sizes, unless you can control your eating habits.

The problem is, that these big box stores, tend to offer lots of varieties of everything. So, when you go to buy your normal brand of granola cereal in a large size, there will be a slightly different variety of it, right beside it, and you will feel you must try that also! Now you go home with two HUGE boxes of this cereal, and unless you put it into smaller containers, the temptation to pour a big bowl of granola will be there since you are pouring it from a large box, and your brain tells you there "is lots available". So be careful.

Cookies. If you enjoy cookies, nothing wrong with that. A couple for dessert after dinner, will not kill you, but if you leave your cookies out in a clear cookie jar that you can see from all angles of the kitchen, then the temptation to grab more than your usual two cookies is there. Ever heard the saying "out of sight out of mind" that goes for food too. You can picture this. You are in a hurry, you are trying to think about what you are going to quickly make for dinner, and while you are staring at your kitchen, you can see that full cookie jar, and you grab a cookies while you are "thinking".

Put the cookies away, somewhere, that you have to go out of your way to get them, this could be a big reason for not losing weight.

Clutter. Believe it or not, clutter can hamper your ability to lose weight. When you get home from work, the mail gets thrown on the counter, breakfast stuff and dishes are still laying around. You realize that before you can even think of starting dinner, you are going to have to clean up. That sounds like too much bother, you are tired and you are hungry. So next thing you know, you are at the phone ordering pizza. There goes the healthy diet today, and the weight loss goal.

Try to organize a place for the clutter. Have a basket just for the mail, make sure the family realizes that they have to put their dishes in the sink, and cereal away when done. Have an idea of what you would like to make for dinner, before you get home. If you get home and the counter is a mess, and you are going to have to dig under the mess to find the cutting board, and there is dried up jam from this morning, and crusty dishes in the sink, that it going to completely put you off cooking.

Also, pick one cabinet, where you will store the most common utensils and dishes you will need to make a healthy dinner. For example. If you eat pasta, then make sure the colander is handy, your cutting knives near by, cutting board is easy to get out. That way you don't have to start looking for everything you will need. Otherwise you will feel stress, and stress raises cortisol, which makes you feel even more hungry, and you say forget it, or grab one of those easily accessible cookies while you are thinking! You will not lose weight this way.

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Fridge. Make sure your fridge stays somewhat organized. If you have to weed through soda bottles, and leftover pizza, to find the vegetables for dinner, then you are not going to be in the best frame of mind to cook a healthy meal. Throw out any leftovers that have been in there for more than 3 days. Try and organize all your vegetables into one area or drawer in the fridge. Keep a list on the front of the fridge, where you can add healthy foods as they run out.

Then throw this list in your purse or pocket once a week, to get replacements! If you can manage to keep your fridge well stocked with good healthy food choices, then you will take away that tendency to grab a high calorie snack or eat another high fat take out meal.

Come up with a few menus for the week, and try and make sure you have all the ingredients necessary for these meals. If you think groceries cost too much, then try adding up how much you have spent on take-out. Anything you create at home, you will have more control over. You can decide how much fat, or salt or whatever is added to your meal, which doesn't happen with takeout. This way you can take away temptation while trying to lose weight.