Losing weight easily, is something we would all like to achieve.

But in reality, it doesn't seem to be that easy to lose weight and keep it off.

But if we are patient, there are a few changes we can make in our daily lives, that will help us to tip the scale on the lower side, or to get off that plateau you have been struggling with.

I personally have been winning the weight loss game, and it is not that I have all kinds of willpower, because I don't. What I did discover, is that you can make simple little changes, here and there, that will start the scale moving again. Hopefully downwards!

1. Green Tea

I read about green tea being good for losing weight, but had never really tried it. I drink a lot of black tea, so decided to change out my black tea for green tea, and the first thing I noticed, was any bloat I had was disappearing. I am not sure how or why, but this tea, gave me more energy, and I got rid of bloat, which can account for five pounds or more in some people, and it tastes good!. I am now in the habit of drinking green tea.

If you do some research on green tea, you will find that there has been testing done to see if this can help with weight loss, and it has been proven to be a great weight loss aid. Some research shows, that it stops food cravings, and the active natural ingredients in green tea, are suppose to increase your metabolism, which can burn fat and help you lose weight.

You need to drink a few cups of this tea a day, to get the effects, but it is something you can buy in the grocery store, and is definitely worth a try. I did notice weight loss with green tea after a couple of weeks.

2. Adding more low fat dairy to your diet.

When many of my friends are trying to lose weight, the first thing they tend to cut out is dairy products. When, in actual fact, my research shows that calcium, helps with weight loss. So, if you can tolerate dairy products, then switch to low fat, don't cut it out. Low fat yogurts, and cheeses, are good for protein and calcium, which also makes you feel full longer.

3. Snacking on almonds

This trick was the best one for me. Natural almonds (not the roasted and salted ones) filled me up, and were a great snack. I will eat about 15 almonds as a snack, and I am not hungry again for a long time. I found if I ate them in the afternoon, you know around that 3pm slump, I was able to get to dinner, without snacking.

To lose weight easily, you need patience, and a slow change to certain eating and drinking habits. If you do it too fast, you will not stick to it. The minute you feel deprived, and you will have problems keeping the weight off.

You have to make tiny changes, that you can live with. That is one reason, I always had a problem with the word "diet". It sounds like something temporary, when really, you need to make changes that you will continue with, not for a set time period.

So, if losing weight is hard for you, start with something small. Try green tea instead of one of your coffees, or teas, or pop a few almonds instead of cookies. Switch a soda for water at least once a day, then slowly switch more.

You will not lose weight overnight this way, but you will lose at a steadier pace, and keep it off. So, maybe your New Years resolution, should be to tweak your diet a bit at a time, and be happy about any change that is for the good of your health.