One of the common pitfalls of the modern human being when it comes to losing weight is simply, the mind. We have grown accustomed to sedentary lives where you never have to leave the couch or office desk. Everything is online, instant and immediate. If you’re hungry, all you have to do is order some fast food. If you’re sick, you simply go to a drive through pharmacy. Unfortunately, this way of thinking has simply made us more obese and mentally resistant to change.

The results of this thought pattern is common everywhere. In America and throughout the modern world, obesity and preventable illnesses are at their highest levels. So how do you combat this? The answer that is usually given is to stop whining and start exercising and dieting. This method definitely works, but is usually unsuccessful because many people lack the mental fortitude to carry through.

This is where the work of Tim Ferriss comes in. Tim Ferriss is widely known for his book on time management and outsourcing. However, he also has a huge interest in body modification and lifestyle change. As a result, he actually developed a highly successful method of helping people to lose drastic amounts of weight by tweaking their diet. This diet which is known as the slow carb diet offers the path of least resistance with maximum weight loss.

The reason why it offers the path of least resistance is because it is a diet which not only allows you to eat as much as you want, but also allows you to eat all the “bad” foods you crave so much! It is a very simple diet to follow which will help you to lose the weight without having to limit calories or follow exercise routines. Even though you can lose the weight without exercising, if you do exercise, you would lose it at a much faster rate. Also, exercising is essential if you want to improve your overall health and stamina.

Enough about the preview, I bet you’re curious about this diet! It consists of a few rules and the main one is that you cannot consume any white carbohydrates. This includes anything that is or was white such as bread, rice, pasta, sweets, pastries, snacks etc. You are also not allowed to drink carbonated drinks or consume anything with refined sugar, even if it is fruit juice!

Yes, I just described almost all of the products found in local supermarkets and eliminated a huge chunk of the traditional food chain. This diet calls for a complete overhaul of one’s diet and allows you to only eat three main foods. These are beans or any type of legume, vegetables and meat. The only type of vegetable that isn’t allowed is corn which contains a high degree of starch and unwanted sugars.

Every meal that you eat will have to contain all or most of these three main foods; however you can eat as much as you want and you can cook them any way that you wish. The legumes or beans are particularly important because they will give you the energy to make it through the day. They actually provide a slow release of energy that will keep you fuelled throughout the day and you will suffer from fewer cravings if any at all!

The best thing about this diet is that it actually gives you a day off! You get one day out of seven days to eat anything you want. Most people choose to place this day on a Saturday, but it doesn’t matter which day you choose. You can eat all the unhealthy foods you crave such as chocolate, bread, pasta, cookies, snacks and just about anything else. This actually provides a huge spike in your glucose levels which will ensure that your weight loss never plateaus. Even though you might initially regain some weight, you will lose it plus much more during the next week.

Tim Ferriss tested this diet on hundreds of willing participants with huge success. Some people have reported losing as much as twenty pounds in one month alone! This is definitely more than just a diet, but a complete lifestyle change that can help you to become a healthier and happier person. He even suggests that you combine this diet with some light to moderate exercises such as kettle bell swings for maximum weight loss.

Being healthy and losing weight doesn’t have to be very difficult and it definitely starts and ends in the mind. Once you get started and watch the pounds melt off of your body, you will regain your self confidence and wonder what took you so long! The future begins with today, so make sure to make the right choices now so that you can enjoy a happier and more enjoyable future.