How many times have you promised yourself you will change your life and start living healthily? How many times did you quit sweets and decided to take up sports? And now tell me how many times did you actually do it? You probably never did or even if you did it lasted for a couple of days and soon you came back to your old habits. There is nothing wrong with that, you just didn't find your new life enjoyable.

Satisfaction is the key to success here. You have to like what you do to do it efficiently.What you have to do to lose weight and get fit is mostly to changing your eating habits and to increase your physical activity. Sounds simple and actually so it is, provided you are happy to do it. Forcing yourself to anything makes no sense at all. Think what you like and what you might like and start today!

Changing one's eating habits has to start with realizing what we eat and how we eat. Consider your meals and the times you usually eat them. Think what needs to be changed here. It is not about counting the calories. You have to realize that the most important rule here is to eat less but more often. Most of us eat two or three big meals during the whole day which is wrong. The proper number of meals is from four to five per day and they have to be smaller. Some people find it hard to organize their day to eat this way because they spend so much time at work. But with a little bit of preparations and planning it is possible. What is more important – when you eat properly at work you are more efficient and don't get tired so easily. Coffee and a cookie won't work.

Now think about the things you eat. Focus on the ones that are not necessarily very healthy and try to find replacements for them. If you have to take sugar to your tea and coffee try using a sweetener. If you love kebab with chicken, vegetables and different sauces try to prepare a lighter version of it. Use low carb pita bread and prepare your sauces using natural yoghurt. Discover all the possibilities and you will really find it exciting! Don't let your meals become boring – try new recipes, new spices and tastes. Look for inspirations everywhere. This is a big challenge for creative people and can bring a lot of joy. Thanks to that you will want to go on and don't lose your strong will.

When you already know how to eat well you have to take up some physical activities. If you are not so used to sports I recommend you jogging and a bicycle. Jogging is simple and doesn't require any extra money to spend, well maybe just a comfortable outfit but I bet most of us would find something in their closets. Jogging allows you to burn fat from every part of your body and brings back the right blood circulation. You will feel better and healthier already after a couple of days. When it comes to bikes, this sport allows you to get fit without doing any sudden revolution to your muscles. You simply ride as much as you manage, slowly increasing the length of your trips. People who want to see the effects very soon should choose single speed bikes; they require more muscle work from us. Eating what you like, spending time outside and breathing fresh air on a bike trip. Doesn't it sound nice? Yes, losing weight and getting fit can be real fun!