Losing weight diet. Everyone is always looking for a diet, or that quick fix to lose weight, when in reality it just stresses out the body, and you have a hard time keeping that weight off.

The word "diet" gives the impression of a beginning and an end to something. But if you drastically cut back on calories, and walk around all miserable and hungry, then you may lose weight quickly in the beginning, but will you be happy? NO, so you can only keep on that restrictive diet for so long, then it is back to old habits.

The problem is, we try to make huge drastic changes, when really, it took all our lives to get this way, we need to try a different approach.

With the busy lives we are all leading now, certain food habits, keep us feeling good. For example: You are having a rough busy morning, but now it is lunch and you have been looking forward to that monster sandwich that you brought and that fistful of cookies to help ease the stress of the morning, Rice cakes and celery at this point are not going to do it right?

Having personally struggled with a losing weight diet, and all the weight loss scams that are out there. I have found a easier approach that is most likely to stick.

We are all creatures of habit, and we look forward to our food. Many diet gurus out there will try and tell you that you should "eat to live" not "live to eat". That food is fuel and that you should fill your life with other things to make you happy and only eat food for survival.

Well that doesn't cut it in my books. Most cultures enjoy food, and it is the center piece of many celebrations. You don't see celebrations that include rice cakes, and celery sticks on the table do you? Well then how can anyone expect you to live a full and happy life, and not enjoy your celebrations?

I took a different approach. We are creatures of habit, and we enjoy our habits, instead of going on a losing weight diet, just start tweaking some of those habits. Just a little. Nothing drastic like the diet scams, just tweaking here and there, and give yourself time for each one..

If you are really against change, but you really need to lose weight. Start simple. Take a six week window and try this:

Week one - Make sure and drink eight glasses of water a day. This does not mean coffee, tea or soda. You can still drink your normal day of coffee etc, I am not asking you to substitute, but you need to add eight glasses of water over your day. You can add a bit of lemon to it, or those Crystal light flavorings if you can't stand plain water. But just get this habit going now. You will actually feel better for being hydrated.

Week Two - Add an apple and some carrot sticks to your day. Keep eating your regular foods, but now that you are drinking all that extra water, you will now add an apple at break and eat the carrot with lunch. The idea here, is that you will add fiber to your day, and the extra water helps with your metabolism. You may have noticed less of a afternoon slump because of the water, or a bit more energy.

Week Three - Start examining your most routine foods. If you take your lunch to work, then take a look at those cookies you have afterwards. Next time you are at the grocery store, see if there are other cookies by a different company, that may use less calories and fat. I don't mean the low fat tasteless ones, just another brand. You will actually be surprised the difference in calories and fat between companies when it comes to cookies! Find some you think you would like and substitute them in your lunch this week.

Also in this week, you are going to add stairs, or more walks around the office. By now your exercise should have picked up a bit, because you will be needing the rest room more often with that water you have been drinking. This is a good thing!.

Week Four - Take a good look at your sandwich, if there is cheese on there, switch it for low fat cheese, if there is mayo on there, why not try some of the new mustards? Maybe try getting used to a different flavor a few times a week.

Also go for a walk around the block when you get home. Take the dog out, or go after dinner with your kids. No marathons here, just enjoy the fresh air and get moving a bit.

Week Five - Take a look at the bread on your sandwich, just like with the cookies there are many with different calories. Go for a whole grain bread (the first thing on the list of ingredients, should be whole grain flour) with the least amount of calories. Also, try and switch out any soda for water and crystal light or lemon. Put milk in your coffee and maybe try and cut your sugar in your coffee in 1/2 and gradually get used to less. Take your time and make these changes gradually.

Week six - Walk further, walk at work at lunch, Slowly increase your awareness of hidden calories. If you normally drink 3 or 4 sodas a day, and you switch out even half to flavored water, you will save big time on calories. Cutting back a bit each week on sugar in your coffee or tea, all of this adds up.

You should by now, have noticed a difference in your waistband. You should also feel a bit more energized, and NOT hungry. You have not given up your sandwich and cookies at all, you have just tweaked them a bit. These are habits that you can slowly change. Maybe start by changing one habit a week. Focus on that until you are used to it, before you change something else.

You can't just suddenly give it all up and live off of dust and run marathons to lose weight, this type of losing weight diet, just doesn't work. If it did there would not be so many ads out there telling you how easy it is, and yet we are all still struggling. So, give yourself a break, and a pat on the back. Take a mental note of your habits and either follow the above six week plan or create your own. Give yourself the time to adjust and you will win the battle. I lost over 26 pounds in a year with just minor tweaks.