It is hard to find people in society today that are not trying to lose weight.  Losing weight is a multi-billion dollar business.  It is also a business for the most part does not guarantee results.  Think about it, if you belong to the gym you probably see many people doing the same things over and over and they also keep looking the same, over and over.  

This happens because what they are doing is not working.  You probably also see all the "health foods" in the grocery store where they are marketing all of these supposedly healthy items that will insure weight loss.  Look at the people who keep buying them, they are people who have fooled themselves into thinking that this is the solution to their woes. 

The same is true of all of the gimmicky fitness products that advertise tremendous results from their program.  Two things to keep in mind with this stuff, one if it looks to good to be true it probably is.  Secondly, look for the fine print, most of those commercials have this fine print that states that the results are not typical!  Well, if the results are not typical then why would you want that?  It is all about clever marketing to get you to spend money on an ineffective product.  These are the snake oil salesmen of the 21st century.  

They have and continue to repeatedly sell you things that will not help you and will not benefit you.  However, I have the secret.  The key to all of your success when it comes to getting healthier and losing weight for forever.  The sad truth is that 95% of you will do one of two things with this information. You will either not believe it or you will not follow it.  My response to both of those people are two-fold.  Give it 30 days, do what I say for 30 days.  If that does nothing for you then you can come back and tell me I am wrong but that will not happen because it always works!  Second, following it means doing exactly what I say not 50% not 70% but 100%.  You must be committed to a lifestyle change.  I practice lifestyle medicine, not quick fix hide your symptoms medicine.  So you are probably wondering what is the catch, what is the product placement, what do I have to buy from this quack, nothing!  

Here is the catch, the catch is that you must stop what you are currently doing and never do it again.  What I mean is that you did not get to where you are today with your current body overnight.  You have been working toward your current body for years until you get to the point where it disgusts you and makes you upset or your doctor tells you that you will die because of what you are doing!  People always ask, when can I go back to what I was doing before?  The answer is NEVER, when can you go back to what brought you to me in the first place?  Why would I ever want you in that place again and why would I want to work with someone who wants to be there?  

I deal with success, I put my name, my reputation, my livelihood on the line with what I tell people everyday so what would I get for putting out the wrong information, I would get out of business.  What I do works plain and simple.  One last word of warning, when you start eating this way you will start to feel really good.  You will have more energy, you will feel more vibrant, sleep better at night, less aches and pains, no afternoon crash, overall you will feel very good.  The issue people run into is that they will follow my words for a good four weeks before they give in to temptation and have a mishap and eat bad.  After eliminating all of these bad foods for a few weeks their bodies become accustomed to the healthy foods and are not used to the poisons that they normally take in.

When you eat these bad foods again you will get sick.  You may have diarrhea, you may get an upset stomach, heartburn, vomiting, constipation, etc.  It is because the food you eat normally is poison, you are just used to the poison right now.

Alright, enough with the chit chat, lets get down to business on this.  What are you going to eat!

Number one, you only drink water!  This means no soda, no juice, no alcohol.  If you cannot wash your dishes in it or take a shower in it then it is not water, plain and simple.  You can flavor your water with a little lemon juice or lime juice if you like but outside of that it is plain water only!!!  Half of you probably clicked off the article because you like I need my coffee, I need my energy drinks, I need my beer, I need my wine.  You DO NOT NEED IT, you want it! They do not provide as many health benefits as you think and you are more than likely addicted to some of these foods that we are eliminating.

Number two, only buy foods that spoil within a week or two.  This eliminates anything that is in the center aisles, the frozen sections at the grocery store.  So if the food does not spoil do not eat it!  You do not need crackers, or chips, or macaroni, pasta, tortillas, etc.  They are unnecessary for 99% of people because you do not burn enough calories in a day to require more carbohydrates.  

Number three, do not eat at restaurants.  They are convenient but again not necessary, this will save you money in the long run as well.  Restaurants add either salt or fat to their food to make it taste good, sometimes they add both and they are not using health friendly kinds to get that extra flavor.

Number four, eat a rainbow on a daily basis, the more colors in your foods the healthier you will be for it.  This is insuring that you will get high amounts of phytonutrients in your diet and it will give you a variety of foods.

Number five, you plates should be roughly 2/3 vegetables and 1/3 meat.  The rest of your diet should be two to three snacks that are a small handful of nuts and a piece of fruit!  

So what can you eat?

Water, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, healthy oils(olive, coconut).  It may seem impossible but it is very easy to do and it is extremely healthy!  Please if you have any questions feel free to contact me!